How to Make Cool Masks at Home

How to Make Cool Masks at Home?

Masks, which are one of the most accessible essentials in India, have become a luxury item all over the world now. The entire world is aware of the widespread use of COVID-19 or Coronavirus now globally. Also, the research for the vaccines is still in progress, and a proper solution is not found yet. On the other side, as the number of cases is increasing, the cost of getting medical treatment is growing tremendously. So, this massively increases the responsibility of the people to follow all the measures to be preventive from the harmful virus.

5 Perks Of Work From Home

5 Perks Of Work From Home

COVID-19 has panicked more than 82 countries in the world. More than millions of people are affected by the coronavirus and the lakhs of people have lost their loved ones. In order to avoid the spread of COVID-19, the governments have announced the whole country lockdown. But in order to survive during these lockdown days, the office going employees are working from their home.

7 Most Searched Questions During Coronavirus(COVID-19)-4

8 Most Searched Questions on Coronavirus(COVID-19) During Lockdown

People from Wuhan, China experienced some symptoms and they found it to be serious. Several people also resulted in fatalities. This started spreading to other countries from people who travel to those countries. In January 2020, India found the first case from the persons who returned from China. Then, it started to spread in India. At the same time, some other countries like Italy, Spain, Iran, America, and several other countries were severely getting affected by COVID-19. Understanding the seriousness of the issues, The Prime Minister, Modi initiated complete lockdown from 24th march and this will for a period of 21 days.


What Are The Symptoms & Precautions of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Recently, the outbreak of the coronavirus has caused global concern. It is said that it spread through the consumption of unprocessed meat by Chinese but the proper reason is yet to be unveiled by scientists. Now it has spread to other countries including the United States, Italy, and India. Deaths have been reported in the affected countries and the rate of death has been increasing day-by-day. It is necessary to take precautions to avoid the virus attack. Let’s see about the symptoms and precautions for the coronavirus.