5 Star Cakes

5 Star Cakes
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5 Star Chocolate Mud Cake

If one is to buy a Cake that is dense, smooth and rich in flavour, a Mud Cake would be a great cho..

Rs.2,695 Ex Tax: Rs.2,695

5 Star Strawberry Cheesecake

A Cheesecake is always a delight but when it is mixed up with the flavour of Strawberry, it tastes..

Rs.3,845 Ex Tax: Rs.3,845

5 Star Truffle Cake

With the goodness of the most intense chocolate ganache, this is the best Truffle Cake. This 1 Kg ..

Rs.2,595 Ex Tax: Rs.2,595

5 Star White Chocolate Cake

For anyone who is a White Chocolate lover, this White Chocolate Cake will be a delight. Rich whipp..

Rs.2,895 Ex Tax: Rs.2,895

Chocochip 5 Star Cake

If you want to make the celebrations larger than life, gift someone this 1 Kg Choco Chip Cake that c..

Rs.2,895 Ex Tax: Rs.2,895

Chocochip Fudge Cake

The sinful indulgence of Chocolate is something that nobody complains about. With this 1 Kg 5-star..

Rs.2,895 Ex Tax: Rs.2,895

Chocolate 5 Star Cake

If a lover of the Chocolate is asked what they love the most, they will say Chocolate, lots, and l..

Rs.2,595 Ex Tax: Rs.2,595

5 Star Cheese Cake

Amazing and wonderful. It’s luring cheese & cream icing and juicy looking tempting texture with ..

Rs.3,650 Ex Tax: Rs.3,650

5 Star Butterscotch Cake

This mouth-watering cake is an ultimate treat for Cake Lovers. Send this 1 Kg Butterscotch Cake so..

Rs.2,495 Ex Tax: Rs.2,495

5 Star BlueBerry Cheese Cake

It looks so luring with its blueberry topped icing that you just can’t wait to it. A super-duper del..

Rs.3,845 Ex Tax: Rs.3,845

5 Star Heart Shape Chocolate Cake

It simply pretty. Let her know that you love her with this simple and delicious ‘5 Star Heart Shaped..

Rs.3,250 Ex Tax: Rs.3,250

5 Star Pineapple Cake

We have raised the bar of everyone's favourite Pineapple Cake. This one is extra special, extra cr..

Rs.2,495 Ex Tax: Rs.2,495

5 Star Vanilla Cake

Enjoy the fragrant and sweet flavours of Vanilla with this 5-star Vanilla Cake. Its simple and sop..

Rs.2,495 Ex Tax: Rs.2,495

Black Forest 5 Star Cake

 Black Forest Cake is an all time favourite delight. And, this 1 Kg Cake is simply the best a..

Rs.2,495 Ex Tax: Rs.2,495