Sugarfree Cakes

Sugarfree Cakes
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Sugarfree Truffle Cake

Enjoy the flavours of a Truffle Cake without feeling guilty. This Half Kg Truffle Cake has the bes..

Rs.895 Ex Tax: Rs.895

Butterscotch Sugarfree Cake

Enjoy the taste of a Butterscotch Cake without worrying about the calorie count. This Half Kg Cake..

Rs.799 Ex Tax: Rs.799

Black Forest Sugarfree Cake

Everyone should get to enjoy a delicious Cake, even the ones controlling their sugar. With the goo..

Rs.799 Ex Tax: Rs.799

Sugarfree Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake is an all time favourite amongst kids, adults, and even the grandparents. It has a real..

Rs.1,745 Ex Tax: Rs.1,745

Sugarfree White Forest Cake

Enjoy this delicious White Forest Cake without worrying about your sugar intake as this one is abs..

Rs.1,095 Ex Tax: Rs.1,095

Chocolate Sugarfree Cake

Do not keep yourself from enjoying the richness of Chocolate, not even your concern for the sugar...

Rs.895 Ex Tax: Rs.895

Sugarfree Red Velvet Cake

No words can truly express the joy one gets one the bursting flavours of a Red Velvet Cake take ov..

Rs.2,095 Ex Tax: Rs.2,095

Sugarfree KitKat Cake

Enjoy this KitKat Cake without worrying about sugar. This one will import you to the amazing world..

Rs.2,045 Ex Tax: Rs.2,045

Sugarfree Coffee Cake

Enjoy the goodness of Coffee, blended in a cake, without thinking about the Sugar. This 1 Kg Sugar..

Rs.2,095 Ex Tax: Rs.2,095

Sugarfree Belgium Chocolate Cake

Do not hold yourself from enjoying the rich taste of Belgian Chocolate just because you are checking..

Rs.1,145 Ex Tax: Rs.1,145

Sweet Sugarfree Hearts

A passionate love develops in a peaceful surrounding. Keeping this thought in the mind, we have bake..

Rs.1,195 Ex Tax: Rs.1,195