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Theme Cakes
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Designer Hand Bag Cake

Girls love their bags more than anything else in the world. So, surprise her with this Designer Ca..

Rs.3,395 Ex Tax: Rs.3,395

Vanilla and Mango Designer Cake

If you have friends who are into sports, this Cake would be a perfect gift for them. This Half and..

Rs.2,295 Ex Tax: Rs.2,295

Mom Cake

To gift a Mother something Special doesn't really call for a special day as every day should be abou..

Rs.2,345 Ex Tax: Rs.2,345

Octopus Theme Cake

This mouth-watering 2 Kg Designer Cake is an ultimate treat for Animal Lovers.Order it for all ..

Rs.3,599 Ex Tax: Rs.3,599

Model Cakes

Amazingly crafted model cakes as per your wish. Order a Model of your choice to be the design of the..

Rs.4,650 Ex Tax: Rs.4,650

Nemo Theme Cake

It not only looks amazing but tastes great as well.Nemo themed cakes just for animal lovers.An aweso..

Rs.3,899 Ex Tax: Rs.3,899

Mickey Mouse Theme Cake

A real fun and tempting gift for your children who will be all amazed with this amazingly designed a..

Rs.3,799 Ex Tax: Rs.3,799

Jungle Book Theme Cake

The Jungle Book has been the most cherished book for all of us. It holds our childhood memories. Sen..

Rs.4,999 Ex Tax: Rs.4,999

Circus Theme Cake

This delicious and beautiful Circus inspired theme Cake will add charm to any celebration. This will..

Rs.5,599 Ex Tax: Rs.5,599

Horse Theme Cake

2.5 - 3 Kgs Horse Theme Cake is an ultimate treat for Animal  Lovers.It not only look..

Rs.3,650 Ex Tax: Rs.3,650

Christmas Theme Cake

The perfect Christmas theme Cake has arrived, studded with X-mas tree, Santa and his reindeers with ..

Rs.4,999 Ex Tax: Rs.4,999

Smartphone Theme Cake

The smartphone cake for the ever-busy tech-savvy smartphone users. Convert it into a fun theme cake ..

Rs.3,450 Ex Tax: Rs.3,450

Angry Birds Theme Cake

 Who isn't Angry Birds game addict? Vibrant 2.5 - 3 Kg Angry Bird Cake..

Rs.3,999 Ex Tax: Rs.3,999

Sweet Melodies

This one is for the music lovers out there. Send this Guitar Themed Cake to your music lover. There ..

Rs.4,399 Ex Tax: Rs.4,399

Marine Theme Cake

Marine theme Cake is exactly what your little one would love to have. Buy this super fun and excitin..

Rs.3,899 Ex Tax: Rs.3,899

Tom n Jerry Theme Cake

The famous Tom and Jerry cartoon characters are here to make the Birthdays of the little ones specia..

Rs.3,899 Ex Tax: Rs.3,899

Cricket Theme Cake

If you are planning the Birthday party of Cricket lover, consider this Cricket Theme Cake to add a l..

Rs.3,899 Ex Tax: Rs.3,899

Camera Theme Cake

Is your loved one is an aspiring photographer? This model Cake of a Canon Cameral will be the sweete..

Rs.4,599 Ex Tax: Rs.4,599

Doremon Theme Cake

We have a Doraemon Cake that your little one would love to have. This is one of our bestseller Cake ..

Rs.3,699 Ex Tax: Rs.3,699

Smirn Off Theme Cake

For all the crazy people, this designer Cake is a brilliant Gift. Send this special Cake to a loved ..

Rs.4,500 Ex Tax: Rs.4,500

Tom Theme Cake

Looking for an amazing thing for the little one's birthday? Have a look at this Tom and Jerry themed..

Rs.3,799 Ex Tax: Rs.3,799

Ludo Theme Cake

Ludo is a game that makes everybody feels nostalgic. Send this Ludo inspired Cake to a loved one and..

Rs.3,199 Ex Tax: Rs.3,199

Dora Theme Cake

Dora the Explora was one of the most cherished cartoon shows. Send this Dora the Explora inspired th..

Rs.3,599 Ex Tax: Rs.3,599

Engine Theme Cake

We have a Thomas the Engine theme Cake for your dreamy little kid who admires this cartoon character..

Rs.4,399 Ex Tax: Rs.4,399

2 Tier Pastel Designer Cake

We have an adorable Cake in our Kitty. This Designer Cake is not only tasty but a blast of sweet p..

Rs.5,595 Ex Tax: Rs.5,595

Theme Cake

With theme cakes you personalize the cake with your choice of theme, be it a fantasy world or a sea ..

Rs.4,950 Ex Tax: Rs.4,950

Fondant Birthday

Make your kid's first birthday a stary one with this 1 Kg special fondant Cake. Your kid will feel l..

Rs.2,595 Ex Tax: Rs.2,595