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Pink Lily Posy

Lilies are wonderful flowers. They are a symbol of renewal and re-birth. That is why they are sent t..

Rs.1,345 Ex Tax: Rs.1,345

Sunshine Lilies

To make someone’s day start with a sunshine smile, this beautiful bunch of Sunshine lilies is the be..

Rs.1,245 Ex Tax: Rs.1,245

White Lily Love

With an air of prettiness and beauty that is elegant, this White Lily bunch is made to spread pure l..

Rs.1,295 Ex Tax: Rs.1,295

7 Asiatic Lilies

Gift your loved one this vibrantly hued Bunch of 7 assorted Asiatic Lilies to add colors to their da..

Rs.1,445 Ex Tax: Rs.1,445

Royal Lilies

Make sad ones happy and happy ones happier with this special Royal Lilies bouquet. A beautiful Bunch..

Rs.1,845 Ex Tax: Rs.1,845

Holy Beauties

Lilies are the fourth most popular flower in the world ranking following their beauty. They are the ..

Rs.2,295 Ex Tax: Rs.2,295

Shining Lilies

Orange is a proud colour that symbolises energy, enthusiasm and warmth. If you are blatantly&nb..

Rs.1,095 Ex Tax: Rs.1,095

Breath of Fresh Lilies

Surprise someone with this beautiful gift of the Orient. This Bunch of 8 Red and White Oriental Lili..

Rs.2,650 Ex Tax: Rs.2,650

Star Lilies

Pure and simple; this beautiful bunch of 3 Oriental Lilies is a charmer. This simple, pretty and gor..

Rs.1,095 Ex Tax: Rs.1,095

Pink Lilies

Lilies have always been closely related with the Greek culture as it stands for renewal and re-birth..

Rs.945 Ex Tax: Rs.945

Yellow and Pink Lilies

Filled with beauty and aroma that is magical, this amazingly gorgeous Bunch of 12 Bright Yellow and ..

Rs.2,195 Ex Tax: Rs.2,195

Natural Beauty

Lilies look soft but are actually one of the strongest flowers. They blossom and they spread their b..

Rs.2,095 Ex Tax: Rs.2,095

Yellow Lilies 8 XL

A very classy and elegant bouquet of 8 extra-long stems of Yellow Lilies with fillers. A perfect way..

Rs.1,350 Ex Tax: Rs.1,350

Romance of Lilies

Lilies have beauty of their own. They are unique and attractive. Therefore, they make for a perfect ..

Rs.1,299 Ex Tax: Rs.1,299

Fantastic Lilies

A gorgeous bunch for that special person! Lilies are elegant and express love. So, send them your el..

Rs.1,245 Ex Tax: Rs.1,245

Buds of Positivity

There is a story that states that Lilies were formed when some drops from the Milky Way galaxy fell ..

Rs.2,445 Ex Tax: Rs.2,445

Pink Lily Vase

Lilies are beautiful flowers with something eccentric about them. Send these 5 Oriental Lillies in s..

Rs.2,045 Ex Tax: Rs.2,045

Dark Pink Lilies Vase

With Pink Oriental Lilies, expressing care and warmth gets simpler. Send this bunch of 5 dark Pink O..

Rs.2,045 Ex Tax: Rs.2,045

Light Pink Lilies Vase

Pink Lilies are sweet, beautiful, warm and loving. Wouldn't you like to send such an amazing thing t..

Rs.3,795 Ex Tax: Rs.3,795

Orange Garlands

Orange Lilies are a sight to behold. Gift this Bouquet of 15 Orange Lilies, wrapped in Yellow paper ..

Rs.2,895 Ex Tax: Rs.2,895