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Soft Toys
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Sweet Gestures

If you want to send someone something really simple and sweet, this Gift Hamper would be perfect for..

Rs.345 Ex Tax: Rs.345

Blue Hanging Elephant

Elephants are considered to be lucky as they are grand and signify prosperity. This Mini Blue Hangin..

Rs.345 Ex Tax: Rs.345

Crazy Minion Toy

Minions, the cute little monsters are everyone's favourite. They are naughty, mischievous yet, total..

Rs.895 Ex Tax: Rs.895

Take a Break

Nestle's KitKat is a must to have if you want to take a little break from this busy life. Gift someo..

Rs.645 Ex Tax: Rs.645

Soft and Crunchy

Crunchy Munch Chocolate and Feather Soft Teddy Bear, they may have contrasting textures but they bot..

Rs.395 Ex Tax: Rs.395

Love Pack

Expressing Love is so much simpler with this Love Pack. This Gift Hamper has a Red Heart-Shaped Cush..

Rs.545 Ex Tax: Rs.545

Soft Hugger

A soft Teddy is a humble gift as it is welcomed by all and looks good no matter where you keep it. T..

Rs.645 Ex Tax: Rs.645

Grey Hanging Elephant

Whether as Dumbo or as the creators of the jungle from the Jungle Book, Elephants hold a special pla..

Rs.345 Ex Tax: Rs.345

Hugs and Kisses

If you want to send to someone your warm hugs and cozy love, this Gift Hamper is perfect for you. Th..

Rs.445 Ex Tax: Rs.445

Dose of Softness

Gift someone a dose of Softness with this amazing Gift Hamper. It has a really Soft Heart-Shaped Red..

Rs.645 Ex Tax: Rs.645

Cage of Love

Has any Cage looked more beautiful than this one? This 7 inches high Golden Cage that has 6 inches t..

Rs.895 Ex Tax: Rs.895

Lucky Sister

Your sister is a lucky gal because she has a brother like you. Double up this joy of hers by gifting..

Rs.1,045 Ex Tax: Rs.1,045

Aloha MInion Toy

Share your Minion love with this Hawaiian Minion soft Toy. This cute and fluffy toy will make anyone..

Rs.895 Ex Tax: Rs.895

Pirate Minion Toy

Big or small, minions are loved by all. This soft Minion toy is very adorable. This is Pirate Minion..

Rs.1,095 Ex Tax: Rs.1,095

Teddy Bouquet

6 cute little Teddy Bears arranged in a bouquet look so pretty. They are perfect for surprising some..

Rs.1,745 Ex Tax: Rs.1,745

Teddy Trio Bouquet

Send a Trio Teddy Bouquet (arranged the way as shown). Sure to spark smiles on your loved ones face...

Rs.1,250 Ex Tax: Rs.1,250

Delicate Touch

Soft and warm as a Mother's hug, a 10 Inches Teddy Bear makes a very Comforting Gift when combined w..

Rs.1,295 Ex Tax: Rs.1,295

Teddy 18 Inches Tall

Send this adorable Teddy, 18 Inches Tall. Makes it a Happy Moment for all occasions.*The color may v..

Rs.1,095 Ex Tax: Rs.1,095

Karate Minion Toy

Minions can kill anyone with their cuteness but this one is an extra special one. This Karate Minion..

Rs.895 Ex Tax: Rs.895

Teddy n Helium Baloon

Send a Teddy of 12 Inches and Helium Baloon as per your choice of occasion (Love, Birthday, Con..

Rs.1,345 Ex Tax: Rs.1,345

Teddy Chocolate Bouquet

Send a Trio Teddy and 6 Dairy Milk Bouquet . Sure to spark smiles on your loved ones face...

Rs.1,545 Ex Tax: Rs.1,545

Teddy Madness

Teddy Bears are great as gifts but they become the best when they are given looking like this. This ..

Rs.1,650 Ex Tax: Rs.1,650

Smile with Teddy

With the brightest colour tones ever, we present to you this Bouquet of 9 little Teddy Bears which i..

Rs.1,495 Ex Tax: Rs.1,495

Dual Teddy

Send this Hugging, Dual Teddy (12 inches each). Show the way you love!..

Rs.1,795 Ex Tax: Rs.1,795

The Cardinal Hamper

Spoil someone with this big basket of all the Essentials. A  6 Inches Teddy Bear, a ..

Rs.1,695 Ex Tax: Rs.1,695

Teddy 24 Inches

Send this Tall 24 Inches Teddy - It's adorable and keeps reminding you of your loved ones...

Rs.1,750 Ex Tax: Rs.1,750

Teddy Hug

Teddy Bears are cute and exhibit warm and gentle energy which is contagious. Gift this Bouquet of th..

Rs.1,850 Ex Tax: Rs.1,850

Bouquet of Teddies

Enough of Boredom? Try our all new Bouquet of Teddies. Arranged for her perfect Smile!..

Rs.1,950 Ex Tax: Rs.1,950

Together Forever Love Hamper

Celebrate togetherness of a lovely couple by surprising them with this unique Gift Hamper. A perfect..

Rs.1,795 Ex Tax: Rs.1,795

Soft Teddy Bear

We all love the soft and lovely Teddy Bears. This 3 feet tall Teddy Bear is cute and adorable. A per..

Rs.2,995 Ex Tax: Rs.2,995

My Friend Teddy Pink

Give the gift of love and tenderness with a Teddy stuffed love teddy bear. An extremely soft and hug..

Rs.2,345 Ex Tax: Rs.2,345

Luxury Heart of Roses

Send this Exclusive Luxury Heart of Roses. Designed for a Limited Few...

Rs.3,950 Ex Tax: Rs.3,950

Teddies around Her

You like her a lot and you want to make it big, go for our sure short product - Teddies around her. ..

Rs.4,850 Ex Tax: Rs.4,850

Teddy 6 Inches Tall

Teddy 6 Inches Tall..

Rs.395 Ex Tax: Rs.395

Tender Surprise

No sound can be as healing as the sound of the word 'Ma'. It is both Energetic and Soothing at the s..

Rs.645 Ex Tax: Rs.645

Soft and Sweet

Just like the Heart of a Mother which is filled with softness and sweetness, this Combo of two Teddy..

Rs.595 Ex Tax: Rs.595

Teddy 15 Inches Tall

Teddy 15 Inches Tall..

Rs.895 Ex Tax: Rs.895

Heart Shape Pillow

Let someone know how much they are loved with this 15-18"  Heart-shaped Pillow. This fur pillow..

Rs.1,095 Ex Tax: Rs.1,095

Soft and Sweet

Make someone feel special with this amazing Gift Hamper. It has a soft Red Heart Shaped Pillow for t..

Rs.545 Ex Tax: Rs.545

The Golden Glow

The Shades of Golden has never looked so beautiful. This 7 inches high Multipurpose Golden Cage come..

Rs.1,095 Ex Tax: Rs.1,095