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A Golden Treat for You

Filled with an array of delicious snacks that includes Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Peanuts (100g), Ma..

Rs.3,195 Ex Tax: Rs.3,195

A Hot Nut Hamper

Send someone this spicy hamper with wasabi, peri-peri cashews, Japanese crackers and corn. Be sure t..

Rs.3,195 Ex Tax: Rs.3,195

Banana Cake with Salted Peanut Butter Icing 

This freshly baked 20cm soft banana cake comes beautifully decorated with Chocolate crunch garnish a..

Rs.4,495 Ex Tax: Rs.4,495

Basket of Fresh Fruit and Juice

Fresh seasonal fruit in a woven keepsake gift basket, with a variety of fruit like apples, pears, or..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

Blushing Love Bouquet

Show her some love and kindness with this beautiful bouquet 12 red roses..

Rs.3,545 Ex Tax: Rs.3,545

Cadbury Sweet Treats Hamper

send this delicious hat box filled to the brim with everyone’s favourite Cadbury’s chocs to your BFF..

Rs.3,195 Ex Tax: Rs.3,195

Cerise Rose Bouquet

 12 pink cerise roses tied together in a bouquet. Send these beauties to anyone anytime for any..

Rs.3,195 Ex Tax: Rs.3,195

Cerise Roses in a Box

Cerise 12 pink roses arranged in a boxed handbag, a sophisticated gift for someone special..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

Coffee and Pecan Nut Cake with Coffee Icing 

This scrumptious freshly baked 20cm coffee and pecan nut cake makes for the perfect present for a fr..

Rs.4,495 Ex Tax: Rs.4,495

Cookies and Cream Cake

cookies and cream and this 20cm cookies and cream cake is the perfect treat for any occasion..

Rs.4,495 Ex Tax: Rs.4,495

Douglas Wine and Chocolate Gift

Made up of a bottle of Douglas Green Chenin Blanc Sauvignon Blanc and Lindt Milk Chocolate this is t..

Rs.3,195 Ex Tax: Rs.3,195

Gift Box with Teddy and Cadbury Chocolates

A round black gift box containing a small cuddly teddy and Cadbury Bubbly chocolate, have this gift ..

Rs.3,195 Ex Tax: Rs.3,195

Hello Chocolate Hamper

This gorgeous chocolate gift comes made up of 4 Lindt Hello Chocolate Sticks in the following flavou..

Rs.2,395 Ex Tax: Rs.2,395

Hello Handsome Mug and Lindt Chocs

This hamper comes with a "Hello Handsome" mug and a Hello Lindt heart shaped tin that comes filled w..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

I Love You

Show your loved one that you are nuts about them with this gift set. This cuddly teddy comes with an..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

JC Le Roux And Chocolate Truffles

An occasion doesn't have to be special to celebrate with JC Le Roux & chocolate truffles.Glasses..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

Lemon Curd Cake

This freshly baked 20cm vanilla sponge filled with a yummy lemon curd filling and topped with a lemo..

Rs.4,495 Ex Tax: Rs.4,495

Light Purple Roses in Black Box

 light 12 purple roses and ruscus in a black box,..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

Lindt Good Fortune Duo 

this duo of a full-bodied KWV Cabernet Sauvignon and a full-bodied  Lindt Excellence 70% cocoa ..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

Mini Gerbera Bouquet

Elegant 12 mini gerberas in a bouquet, filled with greenery. This stunning arrangement of mixed bloo..

Rs.3,195 Ex Tax: Rs.3,195

Mix Pink Flower Basket

A mix of pink flowers arranged in a woven basket. This classic gift idea is ideal for an anniversary..

Rs.6,395 Ex Tax: Rs.6,395

Mixed Daisies in a Pottery Vase Petite

 mixed daisies in a pottery vase..

Rs.3,195 Ex Tax: Rs.3,195

Mixed Lily Bouquet

 bouquet of 5 coloured lilies..

Rs.2,545 Ex Tax: Rs.2,545

Mixed Roses in a Black Box

 beautiful arrangement of mixed roses in a black box with a satin bow..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

Mixed Roses in Craft Paper

A floral display of mixed roses in cellophane, beautiful bouquet to send to someone special...

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

Nut Hamper And Zandvliet White Wine

Send someone this spicy hamper with wasabi, peri-peri cashews, japanese crackers and corn. Be sure t..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

Nuts About Nuts Crate

 This Nuts About Nuts Crate filled with delicious sweets and treats is great for celebrating an..

Rs.5,595 Ex Tax: Rs.5,595

Nuts and Fudge Crate 

his Nuts and Fudge Crate is the perfect gift for celebrating any occasion! Filled with an array of d..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

Orange and Passion Cake with Cream Cheese 

A freshly baked 20cm orange and passion fruit cake makes for the perfect present for a friend, colle..

Rs.4,495 Ex Tax: Rs.4,495

Pineapple and Coconut Cake with Cream Cheese 

20cm freshly baked pineapple and coconut cake is the perfect treat for any occasion. Send this delic..

Rs.4,495 Ex Tax: Rs.4,495

Pink Rainbow Cake

Spoil a friend or family member with this freshly baked rainbow cake. With delicious pink, green and..

Rs.4,495 Ex Tax: Rs.4,495

Pink Roses in Striped Box

This is a bright floral gift that anyone will truly appreciate receiving,..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

Pink Sky Rose Vase

delightful beauty is made up of pink and orange roses in a pink square vase..

Rs.3,845 Ex Tax: Rs.3,845

Pongracz And Nut Tray

A hamper filled with Macadamias, Mixed Nuts, Peanuts, Pistachios, Almonds and Cashews is perfect for..

Rs.6,395 Ex Tax: Rs.6,395

Red Rose Bouquet

perfectly 12 red roses arranged into a bouquet and wrapped in red craft paper..

Rs.3,545 Ex Tax: Rs.3,545

Red Rose Romance Box

This arrangement of red roses and penny gum in a lovely box is the perfect way to spoil someone for ..

Rs.4,795 Ex Tax: Rs.4,795

Red Roses in a Black Gift Box

Lovely 12 red roses and ruscus come beautifully arranged in a black box..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995

Ruby Red Rose Basket

 special someone this gorgeous gift of red roses in a basket! Elegant 24 red roses and penny gu..

Rs.6,395 Ex Tax: Rs.6,395

Simonsig Wine and Lindt

Make someone smile by sending them this bottle of Simonsig wine and a Lindt chocolate slab...

Rs.3,195 Ex Tax: Rs.3,195

Simple Chocolate Cake

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the simple things in life, like this delicious 20cm dark chocola..

Rs.3,995 Ex Tax: Rs.3,995