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Hugs n Kisses Cake

This adorable ‘hugs n kisses cake’ is sure to woo her and realise your love for her. It is as delici..

Rs.2,450 Ex Tax: Rs.2,450

Heart Shape Rainbow Cake

 Nothing can be better than this ‘1 Kg Heart Shaped Rainbow Cake’ to express all your feelings ..

Rs.2,650 Ex Tax: Rs.2,650

1 Kg Cheese Cake

This Cheesecake will tempt you to enter into a world of deliciousness and cheese. A perfect surprise..

Rs.2,450 Ex Tax: Rs.2,450

3 Tier Luxury Cake

This is what you call a grand celebration. This huge 3 Tier Luxury Cake is made extra special with e..

Rs.4,350 Ex Tax: Rs.4,350

Alphabet Cake

Planning to do something special? Send this Alphabet Cake to a loved one. It will make them fee..

Rs.2,650 Ex Tax: Rs.2,650

Alphabet Cake

Whether their name starts with ‘S’, ‘A’, ‘U’ or any other alphabet, order any Alphabet Cake to make ..

Rs.2,950 Ex Tax: Rs.2,950

Dual Number Cake

Numbers are special. Order your special number cake from MFT and get it delivered fresh and deliciou..

Rs.3,650 Ex Tax: Rs.3,650

Model Cakes

Amazingly crafted model cakes as per your wish. Order a Model of your choice to be the design of the..

Rs.4,650 Ex Tax: Rs.4,650

Rainbow Kit Kat Cake

Gem delight guarded by choco-bars!! This colourful gems topped Cake is a perfect Gift for a special ..

Rs.2,999 Ex Tax: Rs.2,999

Smirn Off Theme Cake

For all the crazy people, this designer Cake is a brilliant Gift. Send this special Cake to a loved ..

Rs.4,500 Ex Tax: Rs.4,500

Sweetheart Cake

The heart is the most delicate part of us and so it should be protected. Send this lovely cake to th..

Rs.2,450 Ex Tax: Rs.2,450

Tangy Tales

Give that everyday Cake a fruity and tangy twist to make it the ultimate Gift ever. Send this 1 Kg P..

Rs.1,445 Ex Tax: Rs.1,445

Single Number Cake

Numbers are important when Birthday is around the corner. Surprise your loved ones with this special..

Rs.2,450 Ex Tax: Rs.2,450