10 Gifts to Make your Mompreneur Feel Special

Living the life of a mother taking care of her family, while also doubling as a hardened businesswoman is never easy. But a momepreneur handles both her lives with equal grace and ease, as though she was made for this. Just like a real life super heroine.

Expressing your admiration for her, and making her feel truly special is something that you must always strive to do.

Gifts to Make Your Mompreneur Feel Special

Whether she is hard at work trying to promote her business, or she busy taking care of her family, or doing both at the same time, what finer way to delight her than presenting her with a heartfelt token of your unending devotion.

Here are some of those special gifts to make your special mom feel more special  –

1. Laptop Accessories

Laptop Accessories

Whether your mompreneur spends her entire day busy working on her laptop, or multitasking between all the different activities of the day, a laptop accessory is undoubtedly one the best gifts she can receive. Handy, convenient, and easy to pack carry around, no mompreneur can be disappointed to receive a laptop accessory that will enhance her efficiency. From an USB port extension, to a screen guard, a laptop accessory is one of the most perfect fits foryour entrepreneur mom.

2. Handbags


What better way for your mompreneur to carry all her belongings than a stylish and durable handbag? It could be a handbag made from internationally renowned brands such as Gucci, Armani, and Versace, or a simple, yet hardy leather handbag. No matter what kind of bag it is, you can be sure that it will be a delight for her.

3. Perfumes


Who can resist the fragrance-filled scent of a luxury perfume bottle by Chanel, Davidoff, or Christine Dior? Whether your mom is in a business meeting with a client, or she is hard at work going through all the sales reports, a perfume will undoubtedly bring her joy and delight.

4. Photo Collage

Photo collage

Whether a photo is made up of a 1000 words or not, you can be sure that a collection of photos, bearing images of that joyous moment in time that you have shared with her is the most memorable gift. You can even have those beautiful fixed in an online photo frame to add to further memorability of this joyous gift.

5. Accessories 


From posh platinum watches to simple work wear jewelry customized by engraving yours and your mother’s names upon,  gifting woman accessories to your mompreneur is undoubtedly one of the best gifts.

6. Business Planners 

Business Planners

Being highly organized, a mompreneur highly values her time. From organizing her work to creating a list of all the programs she has for the day, a business mom is always on the go. What better way to help her ease her workload than by presenting her with a business planner. Simple, elegant, classy, and made from the finest cover, a business planner is great to maintain reports, schedules, and other business related information. It is undoubtedly one of the most perfect gifts that any momepreneur can receive.

7. Inspirational Reads 

Inspirational Reads

A heart touching inspirational novel, to pass away the long hours and help her relax. From a business novel, to a timeless autographical literary masterpiece, whether you give it in digital form, or present her with a paperback copy of the novel, she will always be delighted.

8. Beauty Basket 

Beauty Basket

A mompreneur is always on the go.  Presenting a box of beauty products and cosmetics is undoubtedly the best surprise you can gift her. From a matte lipstick shade by Lo’real to eye-liners and make-up kits by Prada, the choices are numerous.

9. Portable Coffee Maker 

Portable Coffee Maker

Nothing is more refreshing than a cup of coffee. Whether it is delightful  combination of milk and coffee beans in a cup of cappuccino, or the strong punch of an expresso, nothing refreshes the body and mind more than coffee. A perfect way to help a mompreneur refresh herself after a hectic work shift.

10. Power Bank 

Power Bank

Maybe she’s on a go and has to attend an important official meeting but runs short of battery with no charger points to plug in, in such a scenario or for general convenience power banks can come to great rescue. What more convenient accessory is there then to have than a power bank where she can charge up the batteries of all her electronic gadgets while being on the go. From charging up her smart phone, to charging up her laptop, a power bank is truly something that no mompreneur can do without.

After all “The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom” Should you compromise on her joy?

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