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A personalized gift is a gift that has a personal touch of the sender. Personalized gifts are so valuable and memorable at the same time as these gifts indicate a special link between the giver and the recipient, that nobody else can understand. These gifts show the love that one has for the other person and how well you know them. Whether you are looking for gifts for him or gifts for her, a personalized present will make a perfect choice.

Gifts are often a symbol of the love and appreciation one has for the person who gets the gift. It gives so much happiness to the receiver, because of the emotion attached to it. The personalized gifts itself have symbolism that makes it extra special. Personalizing any gift, to express your love through pictures, message, quotes, etc, not only adds humor but also make the other person feel loved which is very important. We at has a range of these products that you can choose from to wow your loved ones completely.

We at MyFlowerTree Present You A Wide Range of Personalized Gifts for Every Occasion Online

A gift or a present is an item given to someone you love without any expectation of anything in return.

It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving that gift. When the sender puts in his efforts to make the receiver feel special and loved make the gift even more valuable. It adds to the uniqueness of the gift. MyFlowerTree gives you an exclusive range of simply outstanding personalized gifts for your loved ones, like- Coffee Mugs, Stunning Photo Frames, Bottle Lamp, Led Bottle, Cushions, and so much more.

We have gifts curated for every occasion for him and her, from Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day to Valentine's Day. So don't wait and go place an order for your loved ones in just a few clicks.

A Peek to The Wide Range of Personalised Gifts Online for Every Occasion

  • Coffee Mug -

    Coffee Mug is something which reminds the receiver of the sender every morning with their cup of coffee. It reminds them of the loving relationship they share. It is one of the evergreen gifts, and Now you can get it personalized with a photo or quote/message that you would like to dedicate. We have got Coffee Mugs in different shapes and styles as well like- Heart-Handle Coffee Mug, Name Engraved Mugs, Magic Mug and so much more.

  • Cushion -

    A cushion to comfort your loved one anywhere at anytime, and we can personalize it with your pictures on it to make it even more special. Tell them I'll be there for you Indeed, a comfortable, cozy and soft cushion with your dear ones photo on it is a great gifting idea. Now send your cushion of love to anyone and anywhere.

  • Photo Frames -

    You can not relive a moment, but you can relive the memories of it every time you see that moment stored in a frame. So why not send a Personalised Wooden Photo Frame to your loved one? We have a lot of designs available of Photo Frames to opt from. All you have to do is choose the design, select the photo of your dear ones and send it to us. We will get personalized photo fixed on the frame.

  • Photo Stones -

    Ever thought of a Stone with a photo on it? Well, we have it. We have introduced Photo-stones that are a photo of your choice printed on a beautiful stone, it is available in different shapes and sizes too, like- square shaped photo stone, quotes photo stone, etc.

  • Personalized Key chains -

    Personalized Keychains is a new gift that everyone adores. Choose a photo of anything you like and get it engraved on the KeyChain. It is available in different shapes like- star, heart shape and circle. Choose the shape that you like and we will make it for you and deliver it to your doorstep.

  • Bottle Lamp -

    Ever thought of giving a Recycled gift? Well we have it here for you. We have curated an upcycled wine Bottle Lamp that is very bright, glowing, and an ultimate gift for the one you love the most. It glows and lightens up an entire room, and your photo on it will add that special touch.

  • Led Bottle -

    A bottle with your loved ones photo on it that glows as well can be a unique gift, especially for the creative minds. You can choose from a variety of options of the classic personalized LED bottle here and can get it personalized with pictures and quotes which gives your gift an ultimate look.

  • Sipper -

    How about a sipper with your loved one's picture on it? Here you can place your order of a stylish Photo Sipper too in just a few clicks, that too at a very affordable price.

  • Bags -

    You get a wide assortment of personalized bags with quotes on it. We give personalized name bag, beautiful round clutch, floral clutch, black beauty clutch, lovely mother combo, mirrors on clutch, and so much more.

  • T-shirts -

    When we talk about personalized gifts, how can we not count on T-shirts? The amazing T-Shirts, with personalized picture of your beloved people on it, or a quote that you like. Get T-shirts personalized for the twining trend to wear it together.

  • Photo Cakes -

    We have taken the personalized gift to next level with photo cakes. Cake with the face of your beloved that will add that sparkle to the celebration, or any face that they would love to see. You can order yummy, delicious and completely delectable photo cakes with photo entrenched on it.

  • Aprons -

    At MyFlowerTree, we also have quirky Aprons with quotes to make them feel special every time they wear it. You can buy these aprons for your husband, your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend whenever you want.

All you have to do is choose the product and the design, select the photo of your dear ones and send it to us. We will get photograph fixed on them. You can order these in just a few clicks to be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in India.

Personalized Gifts for Everyone Online in Just A Few Clicks

We have gifts that suits everyone from male to female to kids to aged people. Gifts make people feel special and loved, and when it is specially curated for them it gives an immeasurable pleasure.

For Her- A gift for your loving mom, dear wife, sister, girlfriend or a friend has its own importance and uniqueness. You can gift them personalized gifts on their Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother's day, Sister's day, Valentine's day, and so many other occasions. Our personalized gifts for her, includes girl power quotes mug, women special hamper of personalized cushion and mug, heart handle mugs, personalized bags, clutch, T-shirts, photo cakes, aprons, photo stone, bottle lamp, etc. We also bring combo of gifts cakes and flowers to surprise your dear women.

HIM- If you are looking for personalized gifts for him, then you are at the right destination. He could be anyone, your father, brother, husband, boyfriend or your dear friend. The unique and stylish range of personalized gifts for him is available at a wide range like photo led bottle, personalized cake, birthday LED message light box, golden years of love personalized mug, statue of love, lets capture photo frame, square shape photo stone, cushions, grooming kits and combo of personalized gifts along with flowers and cakes.Send Personalized Gifts Along With Delicious Cakes and Flowers as a Beautiful Surprise.

Sending gifts with a bunch of flowers or delicious cakes really works. If you want to impress someone, or if you want to celebrate together, these outstanding gifts are an excellent option. The combo of personalized gifts along with fresh, stunning and exotic flowers and tasty, delicious, appetizing cakes are worth to opt for. You can place the order and get same day delivery of garden fresh flowers and appetizing cakes together.

Get Immediate Personalized Gifts Delivery to Anywhere in India & AbroadAt MyFlowerTree, you get immediate and timely customized delivery services. No matter what occasion it is, we have our ultimate and speedy express delivery services through which we deliver your personalized gifts in just 3 hours. Besides, we also give fixed time delivery, same day delivery, mid -morning and midnight delivery services. So you can send these stunning, classic and completely customized & personalized gifts to the one you admire on their special days by choosing our fastest delivery services. Feel free to connect with us anytime and anywhere.

FAQ for Personalized Gifts

1.what we offer?

We offer wide range of personalized gifts for all occasion like photo frames, cushions, Led personalized bottle, cakes, bags, message box, apron, chocolate box, photo stones, T shirts, etc.

2. Do you deliver in Faridabad?

Yes, we provide delivery of personalized gifts in Faridabad conveniently.

3. How many days it takes for delivery of personalized gifts?

Well, it takes 4 to5 business days in the delivery of personalized gifts as they are delivered through courier. If you want the product on the exact date and time, then you can place an order few days before with other products for delivery.

4.Can I send personalized gifts online?

Yes, you can send personalized gifts online by selecting our amazing gifts from the website. We have wide collection of personalized gifts available that you can explore and place an order.

5. Can I personalize my Name on gifts?

Well, yes you can personalize your name on the gifts like T shirts, Mugs, cushions, key chains, Bottles, cakes, etc. Along with photo personalization, we also give names, messages and quotes personalization service.

6. Why should you order personalized gifts from us?

We offer unique collection of personalized gifts, that one can relate with. You can get them customized as per your requirement. Our products are of high quality and affordable range. You can even get immediate delivery services for each product.

7. Do you give International delivery?

Yes, we definitely provide an international delivery service to our customers. Check our International Service countries here.

8. Do you also have personalized cakes?

Yes, we have personalized cakes for all occasions available like birthday, anniversary, mother's day, New Year, father's day, congratulations, thank you, etc. You can get the cakes personalized according to your need and choice.

9. Is there additional shipping charges?

We have wide coverage in every city and to deliver on particular day and time, we give additional shipping charge.

10. Can I be assured with the good quality of products?

MyFlowerTree assures you with the high quality products, because we value your time and money.

Same Day Delivery Personalised Gifts

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