Buy Orchid Flower Bouquets Online

Buy Orchid Flower Bouquets Online

There is something grand about the Flower, Orchid. Maybe it's because these wonderful buds were once the favourite of Queen Victoria. Soon, the royalty started using them everywhere and they became their official Flower. Since then, these Flowers are considered Royal. It is your turn to make your King or Queen happy.

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Buy Orchids Online at MyFlowerTree

Gifting flowers dates back to ages, and in different cultures different flowers hold different significance. Sometimes deciding on a gift can be stressful, and in times like those, there is no better gift than an elegant and exotic orchid bouquet with express delivery!.

Attractive, long-lasting and elegant: An orchid flower is a symbol of natural beauty. Even though orchids may look delicate and fragile, they are easy-to-care and stay fresh for a long time. Order orchids online at MyFlowerTree and explore a beautiful collection of colorful orchids in a range of delightful arrangements. Buy from our select collection of orchids online and get them delivered fresh to your office, home or to your loved one's door on the same day, with orchid online same day delivery.

Gift Roses Online in India

Gift NameWhat it containsWhat it CostsHow soon can it be delivered?
True Queen- 6 Purple Orchids- Arica Palm Leaves- Pink special paperRs. 895Same Day
Orchid Jumbo20 Orchid Stems in special PaperRs. 1750Same Day
Winter Orchids10 White Orchids in special paperRs. 1195Same Day
White Orchid Bouquet- 6 White Orchids- White paper packingRs. 795Same Day
Serene Stems- 6 White Orchids- Yellow Paper packingRs. 945Same Day

Orchids: A blooming gift for all occasions

Orchids symbolize love, luxury, beauty and strength. In ancient Greece, orchids were linked to virility and there were many other myths associated with orchids. Orchids are striking and elegant, and their breathtaking colors make them an extraordinary and an impressive gift. Orchid arrangements are a perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, retirement, farewell, festivals, baby showers, and can also be given as a token for greeting someone. So order online delivery of flowers for birthday and other occasions on MyFlowerTree and send flower bouquets to cheer up someone you love!

As orchids come in a large variety of color, shape and height, they satisfy a multitude of tastes and choices. Besides gifting, orchids can be used as a dcor at home or workplace. The colorful orchids help keep the spirits up and create an amicable ambience. A beautiful orchid bouquet in a room or at office desk can help achieve a feeling of balance and happiness. Browse through our collection of orchids bouquet online and find colorful orchids in a range of arrangements for online bouquet delivery. Additionally, we also have a range of orchids for sale, where you can find alluring orchid bouquets at discounted prices. We undertake online flowers delivery across 408 cities in India and 28 countries across the globe.

Colors of orchid & their significance

Every type of flower holds a meaning of its own and each color variation too has a meaning attached to it. Our collection of orchid flowers online is available in a range of colors - blue, white, purple, and more. Before you go ahead to pick your or your loved one's favorite color, here's something about orchid colors and their significance that you need to know:

Purple: Purple orchid flower symbolizes respect, admiration and dignity. Purple blooms are perfect gifts when you wish to show someone that you respect and admire them

White: White orchid flower signifies innocence, purity and beauty. And is ideal for pious occasions like christening, festivals, etc.

Pink: Pink color orchid represents femininity, grace, elegance and happiness. They can be ideal gifts for sending anniversary flowers online, and for birthday and other similar events.

Red: Perfect gift to express your feelings to someone you love or show your love to your beloved. Red orchids also represent courage and strength.

Orange : Orange orchids are a symbol of pride, enthusiasm and boldness. Perfect gift for a friend, colleague or family member.

Green: Green color signifies health, nature, life and longevity. And a green colored orchid is for good fortune and blessings. We would certainly recommend this for midnight flower delivery for birthdays!

Order Orchids Online at MyFlowerTree

At MyFlowerTree, we have a range of fresh as well as artificial flowers online, and our delivery is quick and prompt; it's doesn't matter if you want to send flowers to Gurgaon or someplace else.

Choose a beautiful orchid bouquet which features delicate, oriental orchids from our alluring range of colorful orchids, and get it hand-delivered. Our orchid bouquets are wrapped in a choice of decorative papers, and come with your message printed in elegant writing on a folded notecard. From winter orchids to orchid bouquets, you can send orchids in the classiest of ways with MyFlowerTree! Order orchids online in Lucknow and get flowers delivery in Delhi or Ludhiana on the same day!

All our orchid flowers are sourced with care from our reliable suppliers and stored in the best and freshest condition for delivery. With our same day orchids online delivery service, you can order a beautiful orchids bouquet online today and get it delivered on the same day.

Buy Orchid Flower Bouquets Online

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