Black Forest Cake Online Same Day

Black Forest Cake Online Same Day

Black Forest Cake Online - There is no doubt that any celebration is incomplete without a cake! And the one cake that everyone loves has got to be the Black Forest. Don't let any celebration slide by without the perfect cake. Order from an amazingly delicious collection of Black Forest cakes and send them to your loved ones anywhere!

The Black Forest cake or the Black Forest gateau, as it is known in British English, is probably one of the most popular cake types in India today. You generally buy a black forest cake to satisfy the feud between chocolate lovers and chocolate haters; because you know definitely that everyone likes black forest cakes.

Did you know?

This cake actually originated from Germany, where it was called the SchwarzwälderKirschtorte or the "Black Forest cherry-torte".

Every Hero Deserves an Origin Story

Like everything else in the world, historians have differing ideas about how the name of this dessert came to be. But, the most popular opinion seems to be that the cake got its name from the traditional costume that was worn by the women in the Black Forest.The dress in question was black as the chocolate flakes, worn with a blouse that was white as the cream, and topped off with a hat with red pom-poms that look like the cherries.

The Original Black Forest Cake

When you buy a black forest cake online, you can find several varieties of cakes and designs available. But do you know what the original Black Forest cake was like? Typically, this cake is made up of several layers of chocolate flavored sponge cakes that are sandwiched with some whipped cream and cherries. The cake is then decorated with even more whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and of course, the chocolate shavings.Some European traditions even use sour cherries between the layers and on top of the cake for an added bit of depth to the flavor.

The Mysticism around it

There is another theory about the origin of the Black Forest cake. A lot of historians believe that the cake came to be, way back in the 16th century in the Black Forest region, which is also known as Der Schwarzwald in German. The name itself, Schwarzwald, is a word that evokes darkness as well as some mystery that comes from an old German concept of Waldeinsamkeit, also known as forest loneliness. It was during this era that people had begun incorporating chocolate into cakes and cookies. Plus, this region is also pretty well known for its sour cherries and for the Kirschwasser or Kirsch, which is a double distilled, clear brandy made from the sour cherry called Morello. Thinking about these two, combining this cherry with the love of chocolates, a confection with cherries, chocolates, and cream, is not that far a leap for the imagination. This theory believes that the cake is actually named after the brandy.

The Josef Keller references

One of the most recurring names associated with black Forest cakes is that of Josef Keller. Quite a number of people accredit Josef Keller (1887-1981) as being the inventor of Black Forest cherry cakes. He was working as a pastry chef at the Caf '€œAhrend'€, and it was in the 1915 that he created a dessert for the first time and called it the '€œSchwarzwaelder Kirsch'€ or the Black Forest Cherry.

He opened his own caf after his time in the military, where he had an apprentice called August Schaefer, who was learning the trade under him. After some time of collaboration, Josef Keller passed on his recipe book to August Schaefer. This book contained Keller's original recipe of the Black Forest Cherry and today, this book and the original recipe can be found with Claus Schaefer, August Schaefer's son, the current head chef at the Triberg'sKonditorei Schaefer.

Black Forest Cake in India

Back in 1949, the Black Forest cake was rated as the 13th best cake in Germany, but in India, it definitely comes in the top 5.

The decision to buy a black Forest cake online is one that is hailed by all, from adults to children. A lot of people find some cakes to be too plain, and some find other cakes to be too chocolaty, however, there is almost never any complaint from anyone when you order a black forest cake. This is one of the few flavors that you know almost everybody loves. At, you can find some of the most beautiful designs and variations of this classic cake flavor that will make you want to buy them all. Browse our selection of deliciously creamy black forest cakes and buy one that catches your fancy. You can also opt for our fixed time delivery or for midnight gift delivery to make sure that your order reaches its destination at exactly the right time, to plaster a smile on the recipient's face!

Black Forest Cake Online Same Day

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