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1st Birthday Cakes & Gifts Online

1st Birthday Cakes & Gifts Online

Celebrating the First Birthday is one of the most special moments that happen only once in the life. To make this day memorable, parents do their best. Create a magical experience for your little ones on their first celebrations with special gifts from MyFlowerTree. Capture the happy moments of your grown-up in the best way.

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Pink Love

Rs. 599 Ex Tax: Rs. 599

Earliest Delivery: Today

2 Tier Chocolate Cake

Rs. 3,595 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,595

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

2 Tier Pastel Designer Cake

Rs. 5,595 Ex Tax: Rs. 5,595

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Angry Birds Theme Cake

Rs. 3,999 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,999

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Black Forest Cake -7%

Black Forest Cake

Rs. 699 Rs. 649 Ex Tax: Rs. 649

Earliest Delivery: Today

Blue Teddy Birthday Cushion

Rs. 395 Ex Tax: Rs. 395

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Circus Theme Cake

Rs. 5,599 Ex Tax: Rs. 5,599

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Doremon Theme Cake

Rs. 3,699 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,699

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Jungle Book Theme Cake

Rs. 4,999 Ex Tax: Rs. 4,999

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Karate Special

Rs. 1,045 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,045

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Marine Theme Cake

Rs. 3,899 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,899

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Minion Cake

Rs. 1,899 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,899

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Nemo Theme Cake

Rs. 3,899 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,899

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Octopus Theme Cake

Rs. 3,599 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,599

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Oreo Cake

Rs. 1,095 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,095

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Rainbow Gems Cake

Rs. 2,195 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,195

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Celebrating First Birthdays with Gifts

Any ‘first’ is special. The first time you hold a baby in your arms, the first time they walk or call you. The most important of all these firsts is their First Birthday. Your little baby is not an infant anymore. He is growing up and his first Birthday should be memorable. To make your little one’s day special, we have some unique birthday gifts for 1 year old boy or Girl.

Celebrate their first Birthday in such a way that when they grow-up, they have the most magical memories. Let them know how much you are proud of being their parent by celebrating their first Birthday in the most beautiful way.

Special first Birthday Cake for Baby and Toddlers

Your baby is now one and will have his very own Birthday Cake. He will be cutting his Birthday Cake for the first time which makes it so important that his first birthday cake is extremely special. We have some amazing flavours of Cakes that even your kids will love, like The Nursey Classic, The Girly-Girl Cake, The Number Cake, Blue Bunny Photo Cake, 1st Birthday Money Cake, Sleepy Moon Cake, Doremon Cake.

First Birthday Cakes for Baby Boys

If you have a Baby Boy who is turning one this year, you can make his Birthday special with a delicious Cake. For first birthday cake for boys, we have so many ideas. You can get special designer cakes for them in themes like Batman, Minion, Spiderman, Cricket, football, Camera, Chota Bheem, Bal Ganesha and more. Your kid is going to love the photos of his First Birthday when he grows up.

First Birthday Cakes for Baby Girls

If you have a Baby Girl, you are in for a real treat because that sweet little princess is going to be the most loving person in the world. For her first Birthday Cake for your baby girl, you should order a designer one for her from our collection that has Barbie, Minion, Wonder Woman, Tennis, Purses, Shoes and more. She is going to be so happy to see all the colourful things.

Memorable Gifts for Birthday Online

Your kids are too young to understand anything right now but you can Gift them something that they can enjoy when they are grown-ups. Give them something memorable. With beautiful Birthday Mugs and Cushions, it is possible to do this. You can save their first Birthday Gift for them that they can enjoy when they have grown-up.

These Mugs and Cushions have special quotes, messages and designs on them which are perfect to preserve these special memories. You can also get these Mugs and Cushions personalised. Get a special quote, message or photo of your choice printed on these Mugs and Cushions. These are the memories that your kids will cherish when they come to the age.

Return Gifts for Kids Birthday Party

We are sure that as proud parents of your one year old, you must be throwing a party on your little one’s Birthday. As a gesture of thanking everyone that comes to this party, you must have memorable return gifts for first birthday. Give something special to your guests so that even they look back to this day and smile from ear to ear.

Return Gifts are very important as they show gratitude towards the guests. We have exactly what kids love to receive as return gifts. You can order them online from MyFlowerTree and make everyone at the party happy and excited.