Regular Cakes Online Delivery

Regular Cakes Online Delivery

Vast varieties of regular cakes are hard to find online. With us, you will get a plethora of freshly baked, delectable cakes hand-delivered with free shipping right at the doorstep of your friends and family.

Yes, Regular Cakes too can do the trick!

The practice of cake cutting on joyous occasions took birth a long time ago and went on to become so popular over the years that cakes have now become synonymous to celebrations. No event, be it a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, or promotion,is deemed complete without the cutting of cake.

Cakes, unlike other desserts, are a specialty. Various cultures across the world observe the cutting and eating of cakes on many an occasion, with the popular ones being Christmas and New Year. Nowadays, cakes do not only taste good but also have great aesthetic value. Cakes are also a means of enhancing the elegance of an occasion.

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Cake NameCake TypeFlavorDeliveryPrice
Black Forest CakeEggless (extra charge)Black ForestSame Day DeliveryRs. 649
Butterscotch CakeEggless (extra charge)ButterscotchSame Day DeliveryRs. 699
Chocolate Truffle CakeEggless (extra charge)ChocolateSame Day DeliveryRs. 795
Fruit CakeEggless (extra charge)FruitsSame Day DeliveryRs. 1495

Cakes and Celebrations

During their initial days, cakes very much resembled their close cousins called breads. However, with the passage of time, we became inventive, and startedputting in nuts, fruits, honey and other condiments to our cake preparations. It was because of their limited availability in the olden times and their rich distinction from bread, that they were mostly bought by the affluent and high-class.

While birthday cakes were a tradition of the Western European regions and originated towards the middle of 19th century, bakeries in Germany were also known to market birthday cakes for special clients as early as the 15th century. It was somewhere around the 17th century that cakes took theirmodern form through the inclusion oficing, multiple layers and decorations. With their growing popularity, regular cakes also became more accessible and affordable, thus making them easier to buy.

There are some fascinating stories attached to birthday cakes, and the ritual of having candles in birthday cakes. The Ancient Egyptians believed that on coronation, pharaohs achieved a godly status and hence it signified their birth into a superior form. They therefore celebrated coronations with cakes. Again, the ancient Greeks would offer cakes decorated with lighted candles in the temple of Artemis, the moon goddess, to make them glow like the moon.

The Germans are known to celebrate "Kinderfest" or the birthday of a child with cakes and candles, where every year a new candle was added to the cake, denoting the child's age. The candles were known as lights of life and indicated the hopes of another fruitful and happy year.

A lot of other cultures like the Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Dutch and even Indians have cakes as their celebratory dessert. Other than birthdays, wedding cakes, Christmas cakes and cake for anniversary are some of the most popular commemorative cake types.

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Regular Cakes Online Delivery

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