10 Signs Someone Likes You

Are they? Or aren’t they? Do these questions pop up in your head when you see the one who looks at you? Do you get a feeling of infatuation from anyone while they are around you? Does that mean you are falling in love with them? These would be the doubts arising in your mind when you are unable to figure out whether it is love or just friendship. Such incidents and instincts might have often taken place in your life too. Soon or after, the level of the love hormone, oxytocin might have increased. The emotion of love might be evident that pushes you to confess your love. But the only thing that brings back is the confirmation that you get from the other person. No one will ever risk asking the other. Are you confused about the feeling that the other person has for you? If so, scroll down till the end and know about the 10 psychological signs someone likes you.

  • Into The Personal Space

Do you know what is the thing that a person does when they like you the most? They get into your personal space even unintentionally. This is one of the prettiest signs someone into you. They like and love to be with you or around you, like sitting near you might make them feel comfortable even though they have enough space there to sit.

Into the personal space

  • Body Language

The best sign that can be evident in one person about anything is their body language. If the person tries connecting you, mimicking you, or mirroring you, make sure that the person likes you more than anyone. Body language like learning while talking and the feet pointing towards you is a good sign that makes you know that they like you.

Body Language

  • Eye Contact

It has been read through books and watched through films that eye contact has the greatest importance in love life. If a person starts glancing at you again and again with the same curiosity that he/she has when they look at you every time, it is confirmed that they have fallen in love with you. Holding the gaze and turning around with blush is the most romantic feeling.

Eye Contact

  • Dilated Pupils

It is believed that the eyes are the gateways to show the inner feeling of a person. Psychology has proved that the pupil of a person gets increased or dilated when they see the one whom they love the most. It shows the source of their attraction. Therefore, look at the person’s eye and get to catch the signs someone like you more than friend or not.

Dilated Pupils

  • Light Touches

Usually, human beings have the instinct of touching things that they like. Even if you see a beautiful flower, your fingers will run above them to feel the freshness. Likewise, light touches may be the proven indication that the person loves you. The touch doesn’t mean they are sexually attracted to you. Brushing the shoulder and holding hands in friendly situations are some examples of light touches.

Light Touches

  • Taking Initiatives

It is the finest initiation of a person who makes an effort to talk to you. You can also understand from their conversation, the way of talking and the interest that they have while making conversation with you. It is for sure that they take initiative and find new topics to talk to you or else will create something to ask you like recommendations for restaurants, hangout places, etc.

Taking Initiatives

  • Projecting Fun

If a person ardently loves you, he/she will always have a smiling face. Also, they like teasing you to make you laugh. It usually means that the person is attracted to you and likes to make you smile in their presence. But will never encourage others to make fun of you in front of them. Therefore, you could easily find the one who is interested or likes you more than a friend.

Projecting Fun

  • Sharing Secrets

Does someone share their secrets that they never shared with their friends? Then it is to be confirmed that they are comfortable with you and are interested. Trust is the thing that makes everyone attracted to another person. If a person trusts someone more than themselves, they truly love you more than anyone in their life. It is the reason why they share their top secrets.

Sharing Secrets

  • Prioritizing

Psychology says that if a person’s priority is the major part of life that makes someone special. It is all about priority in life to take care of a person or to be with them even in busy schedules. Therefore, bear in mind that if a person finds a little time to ask you how are you and how is the day going even in their busy time, they are interested in you.


  • Remembering Your Special Days

The person who never forgets the happy days in your life will be the one interested in you. Remembering your birthday and making surprises to see you happy are some of the signs that symbolize the interest they have in you.

Remembering Your Special Days

End Words

The above-listed are the top 10 signs that help you find the person who has a sight on you. Analyzing body language, their way of talking, and the initiation they are taking are all the important things to be noted.

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