10 Things Only Men Can Relate

You might have heard people saying “Men will be men”. It is also said that women are from Venus while men are from Mars. Is that the reason why both groups of people can’t really understand each other? There are many things only men can relate to when it comes to gender, personality, character, etc. The world keeps on talking about gender equality every time and women are always on the top-list of sympathy. But everyone should understand the fact that there are certain sufferings and problems only men have been bestowed with. From the sad moments of guilt to getting excited about small things, here is a list of things guys will understand. Scroll on!

  1. Men Are Sympathetic

Society always expects men to be brave over everything that happens in his life. But, you should agree to the fact that men are human beings and they have feelings and emotions too. Some people are always judgmental and they believe that men don’t cry. But, the only thing you can tell them is “crying is acceptable at times”.

Men are sympathetic

  1. Taking The Lead

Another thing that men are expected to do just because they are men is taking the lead. Be it in dating or a wedded life, men always have to lead from the front to have it all done. Men are the ones who have to plan dates, they are the ones who have to propose first and they are the ones who have to settle bills when it comes to having food from restaurants. They are always the givers and are blamed when a session goes wrong! Too many expectations from men!

Taking the lead

  1. He Wants To Be Appreciated Too

This is one of the topmost things men can relate to. Just like women, men deserve to get appreciated for what they are. As a spouse, he loves to know that you appreciate him for everything he does for you and your family. When you complain about all of the things that he doesn’t do right, it is equally important to value him for his good deeds.

He wants to be appreciated too

  1. He’s Genuinely Worried About What Others Think About Him

The pressure to be a man, by every means, is all too real. And in a group of male friends, you are the target for non-stop teasing when you are being perceived as a weak link. So, if a man seems different around a group of boys than he is around you, then he is really worried about what others think about him. This is such a hectic situation that men face in their life.

He's genuinely worried about what others think about him

  1. Men Are Different From Women In Expressing Love

Women’s idea of expressing love may include compliments and romantic gestures, but just because that’s not the way he behaves doesn’t mean that his love for you has faded. He may not have an easy time expressing his feelings or he might be busy with his hectic schedules of work, but women always blame their partner whenever he doesn’t behave the way she expected. To all boys out there, isn’t it one of the boys things that you can relate to?

Men are different from women in expressing love

  1. Men Do Like Accessories

Accessories and jewels are always the best companions for women. Most people don’t consider accessories when they look forward to ordering gifts for men. But, the fact is men do like to own accessories just like girls do.

Men do like accessories

  1. He’s Just Nervous Like Everyone

Though many men have a strong nature and air of confidence whenever they walk into a meeting or job fair, it’s probably an act. Just because he is a man doesn’t instinctively mean he knows how to react to a situation or what to say on a date.

He's just nervous like everyone

  1. He Is Insecure About His Body

Body insecurity is one of the men’s things that he is really concerned about. Though it is a female domain, guys feel the pressure to conform too.

He is insecure about his body

  1. They Get Scared Too

Sometimes, the world seems to be a scary place to live in. Whether he witnessed a crime or was confronted by the biggest spider he has ever seen, don’t assume that he is going to face every critical situation with bravery, after all, guys get scared too.

They get scared too

  1. Wants To Be Alone

Yes! Here is the last thing on the list of things only men can relate to. When a guy says that he wants to be alone for some time, it means that he just wants to be alone. It does not mean that he is avoiding you for some other cause.

Wants to be alone

Final Thoughts

All the above-mentioned things are some guys things only they can relate to. So, stop judging them for their deeds and appreciate them for who they are. They aren’t mysterious at all as you think, there is always a clear reason for everything a man does.

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