10 Types of Teachers You can Relate To…

The over-enthusiastic teacher:

He is the one who even occupies ten minutes from the next period and refuses to leave early, no matter that the other teacher is waiting to take up the class. over

The funny bone:

You loved to attend his class as his presence always meant a lot of laughter. He could create a joke on anything and everything and his wit inspired you. The forgetful one

The story teller :

Whether he is teaching you magnetic induction or the struggle of Indian freedom, he will always have related personal stories to tell. And mind, you he never falls short on story anytime and anywhere.


The friendly one:

He is the one you often discuss all your problems and ask for opinions and he is always ready to help. friendly

The eye-candy:

We all had that one teacher in our school or college who was the heart-throne. His dressing, his personality, his looks everything was so admirable and you often fantasied about him. You never ever missed a lecture from him. Stanley-Ka-Dabba-1

The forgetful one:

He never remembers about the test papers he had to correct, the assignments he had to give or the chapter he was supposed to teach. And we often took advantage of his forgetfulness. 01-August-2015 (3)

The Tormentor :

A mere look of him was enough to send shivers through your body. He always had pin-drop silence in his class. This is one teacher you often imagine having devil horns, scaring the hell out of you. funny bone

Super-fast express:

Until you were aware what page to open he probably had moved to the next. Zip! Zap! Zoom! And it’s over even before you know it. Superfast express_

The Mocker:

There was always this one teacher who disgusted the principal and mocked other teachers as he always found them inappropriate or unfriendly. The Mocker_

The inspirational one:

You always looked upon him with great respect and admiration. He was the best man to talk to when you needed some good advice. eye cander Celebrate Teachers Day With Myflowertree.com