10 Unique Ideas for Flower Decorations on Independence Day

In August 15th 1947, the nation became independent. Free from the yolk of foreign rule, India became a sovereign, democratic country, governed by the people. Every year since that day, Indians all over the country rise up and celebrate the day on which India became independent. It has been 71 years since then, and this great country still stands united. Gifts are exchanged and patriotic songs chime all over, as the people’s love for this nation fills the air. Independence Day

Independence Flower Decorations 

What better way to spread the radiant light of patriotism than by some Independence Day flower decorations? Here are some of the most beautiful Independence Day flower arrangements -

1. Vase Having The Designof an Indian Flag with Tri Coloured Flower Arrangement

What can instill the spirit of patriotism more than having a tri coloured flag design on a flower vase with a tri coloured flower arrangement to celebrate the magnanimity of the event. Get enamored by the beauty of the orange, white, and green tricolor, as you keep an independence themed mix bouquet of orange roses, white carnations, and green orchids.

2. Flower Wreath with Tricolored Ribbon

Nothing celebrates the spirit of patriotism more than a floral wreath, packaged with a tricolored ribbon of orange, white, and green. It could be a wreath made up of a circular shaped assortment of orange gerberas, white carnations, and green calla lilies, with a couple of blue orchids poking out from the center, but whatever the combination, be assured that they will always instill upon you the spirit of patriotism. Embrace it with pride as you celebrate Independence Day.

3. Tricolored Flower Arrangement

A mixed flower bouquet, or a mixed flower arrangement in a basket colored with the three primary colors of the Indian flag, orange, white, and green, with a circular blue center is always special. Whether you gift this bouquet, or receive it, nothing can dampen the joy of Independence Day in the presence of this bouquet.

4. Map of India Made with Flowers

India is the 7th largest country in the world, and the birthplace of the 4 major religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Comprising of 29 states and a multitude of unique cultures and customs, it is the most diverse country. What better way to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of India than by a map of the great nation made from different flowers? Feel proud of this great nation as your eyes gaze on the decorative piece.

5. National Emblem Decorated with Flowers

The splendid Lion Capital of Ashoka at Sarnath having the statues of the four lions facing in all four directions is a marvel. Nothing speaks the words of patriotism more clearly than an image of this statue made out of a combination of different flowers.

6. Portraits of Freedom Fighters made out of Flowers

Stories of heroism and courage exhibited by national freedom fighters have always filled us with pride and amazement. These legends fought, bled, and died for the sake of our country. What better way to revere them than by making a portrait of them with the most beautiful flowers. Whether it is the legend of the heroic Bhagat Singh, or tales of bravery by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, a portrait made of them with flowers is the perfect way to treasure them and celebrate this great day.

7. Images of Great Indian Politicians Decorated with Flowers

From creating a better life for people in India, to making their mark in countries abroad, Indian politicians have always been highly regarded. Presenting a collection of the most beautiful flowers made in their image is best way to honor their achievements. From Pandit Jawarhallal Nehru to Indira Gandhi, the list of great Indian politicians is endless.

8. Decorating Your Home with Hand-Made Flowers in National Tricolor

From a tapestry hand-made with 3 exquisite tri-colored flowers, to a colorful floral garland of perfectly hand designed orange, white, and green flowers, arranged in circular shape. It is always a wonder to behold. Color your house with beautiful hand designed flowers, and experience the spirit of this great occasion.

9. A Rangoli Decorated with Flowers in The Shape of the National Bird – Peacock

Whether it is hung on your bedroom wall, or just lying on the floor of your living room, what could be better to witness than a flower-made tri-colored rangoli of orange, white, and green. What better way to celebrate patriotism than to have the rangoli designed in the shape of the national bird of India- the Peacock? Majestic and graceful, this tricolored peacock shaped rangoli made from the most beautiful flowers is always patriotic to behold.

10. Spinning Wheel Decorated with Flowers

A circular shaped arrangement of blue orchids in the shape of the historical spinning wheel used by the father of India - Mahatma Ghandhi is truly remarkable. Get this wonderful flower arrangement, and get regaled by the true stories of Mahatma Gandhi. Celebrating the 71st independence day of India is always a delight. After all, as the great Indian legend Bal Gangadhar Tilak said “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it”.