10 Unique Personalized Gifts for Him That Are in Trend Now

If you are a few weeks away from your man’s birthday and yet have not been able to finalize a perfect gift for him, don’t panic. With a personal and special touch to the gift you have chosen for your boyfriend/husband, you can easily show how much your love and care for him. It must seem like the gift you have selected has truly come from your heart. This might sound a little difficult but if you customize your gifts, they become the best gifts automatically. Besides a bouquet of roses and box of chocolates, you can do much better with these 10 unique personalized gifts for him that no one will ever guess were last minute ideas:

1. Personalized Picture Frame

Personalized Frame

With a personalized picture frame, you can make a lasting impression of yours. You need to select the perfect photo for the picture frame, which could be a picture he really likes or a picture which depicts some special moments. For this, you can select your first photo as a couple, first date, first trip or your engagement picture. You can personalize the photo frame and design it the way you want and add your favourite picture to it, and your gift is done!

2. Custom Blanket or Cushion

Custom Cushions

A custom blanket or a cushion can be another unique gift that your boyfriend will not be expecting. You can customize a photo blanket or a soft cushion with your favourite photos, names, places, special dates, etc. This will be a sweet and romantic gift.

3. Unique Jewellery or Watch

Watch for Him

You can gift your boyfriend an engraved piece of jewellery or a watch. These two are classic gifts options which will never go out of fashion. You can engrave a love quote or your important dates on these gift items, which will become treasured gifts and will make a great impact.

4. Custom Mugs

Custom Mugs

You can also consider a personalized coffee mug set. It is a simple but very popular gift item. You can customize it according to your own preferences.

5. Photo Puzzle

Photo Puzzle

This is one of the most unique and unexpected gifts which can add fun to any celebration. It will be super fun to solve the puzzle. You can get many puzzle gifts online; you can also get them customized.

6. Men’s Grooming Kits

Men’s Grooming Kits

A men’s grooming kit is another gift option which is easily available on various online websites. You can easily customize the kits according to the brands of the products included in the kit.

7. Personalized T-Shirt or Phone Case

Personalized T-Shirt

A personalized T-shirt, tank top, cap or a phone case are also some of the best gift items. Don’t get stressed about designs; there are various online websites which already have a lot of ready-made designs. You just need to select the best one for your partner. Moreover, you can also get a picture printed on any of these products to give it a personal touch.

8. Gadget Organizer

Gadget Organizer

If your boyfriend is a true gadget lover, you can also gift him a gadget organizer to help him in keeping his gadgets organized. You can find different types of gadget organizers available in various colors and design on various online websites.

9. Travel Together

Travel Together

You can travel together to a romantic destination. Get all the bookings done in advance. In order to get a personalized touch, you can stay in a lodge and organize a sweet evening date for him. Plan your meal according to his taste; the best thing would be to prepare the food by yourself. This will be a perfect and memorable gift for him.

10. Keychain


You can also gift him a personalized set of keychain. There are various online websites which are offering a wide range of keychains which can be easily customized as per your specifications. To give it a personal touch, you can get it engraved with his name, special dates or a simple message. There are various other exciting gift items which can be easily customized to impress your loved ones. You can browse through various online websites dealing with various gift items to get more gift ideas.