10 Ways to Celebrate Your Grandparent’s Anniversary

The delight of the day when two people in love tied the matrimonial bond and became a couple is truly splendid. For years your grandparents have lived together, supporting each other through thick and thin, and have inspired each other to become better individuals. They have raised your mother/father, pampered you, and have imparted their age old wisdom, that has helped you move forward in your life.

Celebrating Your Grandparent’s Anniversary

Through all their years together, the two have struggled and persevered as one, sacrificing so much all for the betterment of their family. What better way to cherish the union of the two than by celebrating their anniversary?

Whether it is celebrating it through a gift for marriage anniversary dedicated to them, or by presenting a mouth-watering wedding anniversary cake to them, the joy of this eve always shines brightly.

Here are some of special and unique ways by which you can celebrate your grandparent’s anniversary-

Grandparent's Anniversary

1. Book Tickets to a Destination They have been Longing to Explore

From lounging relaxingly together in the sandy sun-kissed beaches of the Bahamas, to experiencing the sights of the scenic coastal city of Lisbon, the places that your grandparents have always wanted to see may be numerous. What finer anniversary gift can they receive than going out together to the destination of their dreams?

2. Throw a Retro Themed Party

A classic and vintage retro themed party is one of the perfect delights to celebrate your grandparent’s anniversary. Decorate your place with retro themed objects, such as a gramophone, and take back them on a magical journey to the good old days. And let the attendees be dressed in retro styled apparels, to make sure that your grandparents relive the era beautifully.

3. Send Them out on a Dinner Date

A romantic dinner date together with the finest and the most exotic dishes served to them is always special. Watch the smiles on their face light up, as you send them out to a candle-light dinner, or a fine dine-out at their favorite restaurant.

4. Extended Family Get-Together

Seeing the faces of all their familial loved ones together is truly special for your grandparents. What better surprise is there than having the whole extended family gather together to celebrate their special day.

5. Plan a Skit

Nothing fills your grandparents with more joy than a humorous skit presented in the honor of their special day. Watch them laugh and point fingers as they see their loved ones dressed up in the costumes of various characters and play a skit for them. You can also enact a skit based on their love story or how they fell for each other before or after marriage.

6. Plan a Cookout

Making a delicious meal with family and friends is always a delight. From fetching vegetables in the refrigerator, to pouring salt in the chicken stew that is cooking, a family cookout planned and dedicated to their anniversary is truly spectacular.

7. Send Them to a Resort Together

Seeing the smile on your grandparent’s face as you present them tickets to an exotic and fantastic holiday resort is always special. From a hillside resort in the picturesque lush green hills of Darjeeling, to a seaside resort on the sea water kissed beaches of Riviera, nothing is more special than going on a trip together to a fantastic resort.

8. Buy Them Tickets to a Classic Theatre Play

A classic theatre play fills the soul with completeness and inspiration. From the humorous theatrical antics of the actors and actresses in the play Hamlet – The Clown Prince to a deep thought provoking play remaking Dante’s Divine comedy, a theatre play is always special.

9. Buy Them Romantic Movie Tickets

Joyous and wonderful, a romantic movie fills the heart with love and delight. What better delight is there for the two than tickets to a wonderful heart-warming romantic movie?

10. Make It Special by Planning Small Surprises

Nothing fills the soul with more joy than a variety of small, but special surprises that you planned out for them. From presenting a personalized photo album, with a collection of all those special photos that they cherish to presenting a handmade cake to them, that you had personally baked, it is always a joy.

They say “if nothing else remains, love does”.

Such is the love your grandparents have for each other.

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