3 Creative Cake Designs You Can Choose to Woo your wife on her Birthday

When you tie the knot, you promise her to be with her in all her sad and happy moments. And when it is her birthday, it is the most special day of her life; the day when she is the happiest. Being her husband, it is your duty to make the day even more special for her by bringing a cake and giving her a gift. However, choosing the right cake for your wife’s birthday can be a bit difficult. So, to help you out, here are 3 creative cake designs you can choose to woo your wife on her birthday:

1. Heart-Shaped Cake

Heart-Shaped Cake

One of the best cakes that you can buy for your wife on her birthday is heart-shaped. She will like it even better if you choose a red velvet cake. A heart-shaped red velvet cake will obviously be the sweetest cake because both heart shape cake and the red velvet flavor symbolize romantic love. She will instantly love the cake.

2. Customized Cake

Customized Cake

If you would like to make the cake a bit more special for her, then you can get a cake customized for her. Pick a photo of you and her together where you both are the happiest and get it imprinted on the cake. Then, it will not just be the cake that will bring a wide smile on her face, but also the photo that you got imprinted on the cake. It will be a cake that she will never forget.

3. Multi-Tiered Cake

Multi-Tiered Cake

And if you would like to woo her by making the birthday celebration grand, then a multi-tiered cake would be the appropriate choice. She might not be expecting a multi-tiered cake for her birthday. And if you had a multi-tier cake on your wedding day as well, this will be a throwback to the day. Since it will be a grand celebration, don’t forget to invite family and friends.

With so many online bakeries available now, you can now easily buy cakes online. This will be better for you since you can plan the birthday celebration for your wife more efficiently and make the day special for her.

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