3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Marriage Anniversary When your Spouse is in Another Country

Marriage anniversary is a special day for a married couple. It is a day that marks the day when both of them decided to be together for the rest of their life. With each passing year, they have grown to love each other more. This is why it means a lot for the couple to be together on their marriage anniversary and celebrate the occasion grandly. However, work sometimes keeps you busy, resulting in you and your partner being miles apart in different countries. How will you be able to celebrate your marriage anniversary then?

Anniversary Gifts

Well, here is how:

1. A Midnight Surprise

There are several online bakers that offer midnight cake delivery. If you are in another country and your spouse is in India, look for bakers who offer this delivery service in India and give a big surprise to your loved one. This will truly be a surprise because your partner would never expect it. You can also use an online gifting platform to buy one or more anniversary gifts online for your spouse and make them feel special.

2. Plan a Surprise Party

Believe it or not, you can plan a surprise party for your partner even if you are several borders away. Call your partner’s friend and ask them to start planning a party. Since you know your partner the best, help the friends know what will work for the party and what will not. This way, they will be able to organize a better party. And this will again be a surprise for your loved one because this is not something they would expect. You will be catching them off guard and it will only show how much you truly love them and cherish their happiness.

3. Have a Date Night Over Skype

What matters most to a couple is that they are together on their marriage anniversary. Now that there’s a great distance of several thousands of kilometers between you two, it is not exactly possible to spend this special day together. What you can do, however, is have a date night over Skype. The word ‘night’ can be up for discussion because you both are in different time zones. You can have a date nonetheless. Make a video call and have a meal during it. Of course, it will not be the same as an actual date and you would wish to be together, but this is the most you will get, given the distance.

An important part to note here is that even though you will not physically be there with your partner to spend the day with them, you will be there nonetheless. What matters the most is that you two spend the day with each other. As long as you do that, it will be worthwhile.

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