3 Milestones in Relationship That Deserve a Celebration

When people think about milestones in relationships, they think of first year together, having a child, spending 25 years together, 50 years together, and even 75 years together. However, along with these big milestones, there are some little milestones which also deserve to be celebrated. There are many little milestones that bind you two together, help you grow mature and make you stay together despite all the difficulties. It’s because of these small things that you stay together for years. These are the milestones that deserve celebration. What are these little relationship milestones? Take a look!

1. The first time you stay silent and there is no awkwardness

first time you stay silent

When you are in a relationship, it is important for both of you to keep conversing. However, you cannot talk all day long. There will come a moment when two of you will be sitting together but will have nothing to say or to talk about. That is when the awkwardness may seep-in. Many people freak out when this happens. However, when as a couple, you both have nothing to talk for a moment, there is silence and there is no compulsion to talk, you both are comfortable as it is, that is when you have taken the next step in your relationship. This is a milestone worth celebrating.

2. Your first trip together

first trip together

Going on a trip together may not seem like something different. You both may have gone out several times with your friends. However, this time you two are stepping out of your comfort zone in order to explore something new and spend time together in a place unfamiliar to you. Going on a trip together requires a great deal of courage and trust in each other. This is another milestone that should be celebrated.

3. The first time you both try something new

try something new

One of the best things about a relationship is that you explore new things together. Taking that first step can often be very difficult. But you do it anyway, because you trust your partner, and you know that it will be fine if you two are with each other. So you both go out on a limb together and try something that neither of you have done before, for instance, pottery, hiking, trekking, etc.

Celebrating 25th Marriage Anniversary with a cake is important but so are these little yet precious milestones. These are the milestones that strengthen your bond. And these are the ones that truly need to be celebrated.

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