3 Occasions And Respective Cake Designs To Make The Celebration Count

Any occasion seems dull if it does not have a cake in it. A cake holds great significance and it can add the much required ‘life’ to any occasion. This is why some people buy a big cake for the occasions which hold a special meaning in their life. However, size of the cake is not the only factor that one should focus on; there are certain other factors as well that one need to keep in mind while selecting a cake for any occasion, like flavor, shape, tiers etc. When you are celebrating an occasion, it is important that you buy the right cake for it. To help you out, here are some of the major occasions, and the cake perfect for each of them:

1. Marriage Anniversary

Marriage Anniversary The best cake to order for a marriage anniversary is a red velvet cake. The mild sweetness that a red velvet cake has symbolizes love and romance. To make it even better, several people prefer a heart-shaped velvet cake, which is also an option. However, this cake is mostly for events like a family gathering or if it is just the couple celebrating. For bigger parties like 25th marriage anniversary or 50th anniversary, you have an official celebration with about 50 people or so, a multi-tier cake is preferred.

2. Birthday

Birthday For birthdays, people generally tend to go for chocolate cakes. However, buying chocolate cakes has become too common and can even make the party a bit dull. Every other birthday party you go to has a chocolate cake. And people are sort of tired of eating the same cake again and again. So, if you want to make your birthday celebration a bit more special, one way to go about is to go for a butterscotch cake. Butterscotch cake is an absolute favorite of everyone. It melts in mouth just like butter and has crunchiness which further enhances the taste.

3. Promotion at work

Promotion at work For promotion at work, people usually go for a black forest cake or a vanilla cake. Because this is a formal celebration, people tend to celebrate it in a simpler way. These cakes taste great and are simple, with no excess sprinkles, toppers or decorations. Just like a man in a formal dress, these cakes represent simplicity and elegance in a minimalistic manner. There you have it. Now you can celebrate these occasions in a rather joyful manner with right cakes. Further, you can order these cakes online as per your convenience and have these delivered anywhere in India. For instance, you can order a cake online in Delhi and have it delivered to your friend in Hyderabad, all in the comfort of your home.