3 Perfect V-Day Gifts To Give To A Mom-To-Be

Shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for your wife can be a lot different, if she is expecting. A new member is joining your family, so it deserves a grander gift than you would otherwise gift. If not grander, it has to be sweeter and thoughtful. The traditional Valentine’s Day gifts will not do. You will have to take spend more time thinking what gift to buy for the mom-to-be. Or, if you are unable to decide which gift to buy or don’t want to think, here are some suggestions which you might like:

1. Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake

If you wish to gift her something to eat, then perhaps you should consider a fruit cake. In pregnancy, a lot of things are prescribed to an expecting mother, and the women are suggested to eat as much healthy food as possible to ensure that the baby is born healthy. Doctors suggest fruits because of the vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements fruits contain which are healthy for the body and are essential for a pregnant woman. Nothing can be more thoughtful than a fruit cake which will suffice her need of nutrition along with satiating her taste buds.

2. A Gift of Chocolate

A gift of Chocolate

Women love chocolates and during pregnancy they tend to crave it even more. You can go for a gift hamper full of chocolates, or a chocolate cake. In pregnancy, sweetness is always welcomed. And what better way to sweeten the taste buds of a mom-to-be than with chocolate.

3. Roses


Many women may experience heightened sense of smell during pregnancy which, in a way, means that any unpleasant smell can trigger nausea and morning sickness in women. So, obviously, you will be using a room freshener to make sure that the house always smells nice for your wife. But room fresheners won’t make a good Valentine’s Day gift. In that case, a bouquet of fresh roses will be a more apt gift. Roses are symbolic of love and have pleasant fragrance which can make anyone smile. Nothing can be better than the natural aroma of rose which will help soothe the mind of a mom-to-be.

From morning sickness to frequent mood swings, a mom-to-be goes through a lot. She deserves to be pampered. So this Valentine’s Day, pamper her, make her feel special. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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