3 Reasons to Give Wine to Your Friends on Their Birthday

When it comes to choosing a gift for friends on their birthday, the options are endless. In most cases, people either buy a typical gift like a deodorant, wallet, bag, or anything else that catches their fancy; or they overthink and panic about buying a gift for a friend.  To be honest, yes, the struggle is real! We all have been on both sides of this struggle. However, there is an easy way out. By doing this, you will neither be buying a typical gift nor will you be overthinking and stressing your brain out. Do the right thing. Buy a fine bottle of wine for them.

Send Wine Combos

But, how can be a wine a better gift, you might think? Well, here is why:

1. It never goes out of style

Trends come and go. Remember that trend of fidget spinners that was all the rage in 2017? No more! Remember that trend of wearing badges on your bag? Gone too! The point is, trends like these will come and go, wine, however, never goes out of style. Wine has been a favorite beverage of human race since it was first fermented. So it is a gift that you can always give to your friends.

2. Works for both heavy and light pocket

When people think about wine, they think of vintage that costs a bomb. Yes, vintage is a fine tasting wine and is quite expensive. But, wine is available in many variants and you can buy it for as low as INR500. It’s a table wine and is as great as a vintage wine.  There’s no way your gift is going to get rejected, on the contrary, your friend is definitely going to love it!

3. It’s likely you’ll get some of it too *wink wink*

When you are getting your friend a bottle of wine, be hopeful that you too will be getting some. Okay, now picture this, if you gift wine to your friend, it’s very likely that wine will end up in several glasses, and one of those glasses will be in your hand.

… And if you don’t get any, your gift is still special!

You do not have stick to a bottle of wine when it comes to gifting. You can also send wine combos such as wine with teddy bears, or wine with chocolate. And if your friend does not like wine, hard luck!

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