3 Things Men Do That Women Secretly Love

Many times, it is not the one big gesture that makes the difference, but the little gestures made every now and then do so. There are several little cute gestures men make unknowingly which make women fall in love with them. These are the gestures which are more precious than any expensive gift that you may ever buy for her. Whether you buy gifts online or offline, little gestures will always outshine.


These gestures are:

1. When They Play With Dogs

Nothing can be cuter than a man playing with a dog. A guy playing with a dog, clearly understands compassion and love and if he’s affectionate towards a creature that cannot express back the gratitude, imagine the vastness of his love for someone more expressive. We live in a society where men are taught to be rigid and stoic, and to never share their inner emotions and feelings. A man playing with a dog is a man who knows what love is which in every sense is attractive.

2. When Men Drive Safe

As surprising as it may sound, it is true that women like it when men drive safe. It is an important gesture because most of the men have the tendency to drive aggressively and partake in rash driving. This puts the life of everyone in the car as well as other people in danger. So this comes as a sweet gesture when a man drives a car safely and calmly, to make the woman feel safe. This gesture shows that you care for her.

3. When They Don’t Try To End The Silence

Silence is not awkward always. Not many know that silence is an active part of any conversation. However, when a man tries to constantly talk and not let the silence seep into the conversation, it shows that the man is desperate and impatient. Normal conversations have moments where the two of you may sit in silence. Do not take this silence for awkward silence, and do not try to fill it. Keep the conversation back and forth and you will be amazed to find how much the girl will like it.

So the next time you are planning to woo a girl, make sure you follow these suggestions. Eventually, you will have a great time with her.

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