3 Things You Can Do For Your Husband This Valentine’s Day

When it comes to planning the date or doing something special for Valentine’s Day, you will find that it is mostly men who take up the reins. They buy gifts, take you out on special date, and plan activities to have the perfect Valentine’s Day with you. But it is neither a tradition, nor a compulsion that only a husband has to do all this. You too can do all these things and take him by surprise.

Valentine Day Gifts for Husband

To help you out, here are 3 things you can do for your husband this Valentine’s Day:

1. Plan a Getaway Trip

A date does not necessarily have to be in a five-star hotel or a fancy restaurant. To really surprise him, you can book a getaway trip out of station. You can give the tickets to him on the Valentine’s Day and have an outing together. Valentine’s Day is all about expressing the love you have for your partner. And what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than on a trip?! If possible, go out on a long drive.

2. Leaves Notes Around The House

Take a bunch of sticky/post-it notes and write small love quotes on them. Then paste those sticky notes all around the house before he wakes up in the morning. Or if you do not feel like writing romantic quotes, then you can also leave small notes as hints for a surprise gift. This mini-game will wake him from his sleepy stupor in a jiffy and have him running around the home with excitement written all over his face. Then when he reaches the end of the hunt, he’ll find you standing there as his surprise. He will have fun trying to find the find, and you will have fun watching him do it.

3. Give Him What He Had Always Wanted

Every person has at least one thing which they want the most but could not have it because of one or many reasons. Find what is that thing that he really wants – he must have given hints subtly in conversations – and buy that gift for him. That will be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your husband. It could be a car, a pet dog, or perhaps a wrist watch, it could be anything. If you don’t know, then talk to him and ask about it without revealing your true intentions.

Valentine’s Day is all about making the day special for both you and your husband. This time, instead of letting your husband do everything, you take the wheel and plan a perfect date for him.

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