3 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for your Dad

Christmas is just a few days ahead. If you still haven’t bought a gift for your loved ones, without further ado, go to the market and start looking for gifts. And when you are buying gifts, pay extra attention to the gift you will be buying for the most important person in your life, your dad. A father is an idol of strength and endurance. Children learn to endure the tough times from their father. However, often children forget that even their father needs to feel appreciated at times. This Christmas, make your dad feel special and appreciated with a thoughtful and special gift. There’s still a few days left, you can still buy a good Christmas gift for your dad. If you need help, here is a list of gift ideas: Christmas gifts for dad

1. Bouquet of Roses

This may not sound like as a bright and thoughtful idea at first, but if you think about it, it is a great gift. Flowers are a simple way to express your emotions, and work best when you do not have the right words to express your emotions. By giving a bouquet of roses, you express your gratitude towards your father, to thank him for making you the person you are today, for supporting you always, and constantly being a source of inspiration.

2. Write a Song/Poem

There is nothing more thoughtful and unmaterialistic than a dose of creativity. If you feel as though a bouquet of roses is not the right gift, or the passion and respect it symbolizes is not enough, then take out some time and write a poem for him. If you can play an instrument, write a song and sing it out to him. It will be the perfect Christmas gift for your dad.

3. A Beautiful Pen

Men, especially dads usually have a habit of keeping a pen with them always. A fountain pen would be perfect for him, both in terms of aesthetics and the writing experience. When buying a Christmas gift for your dad, keep it in mind that you have to make the day special for him. It is okay if you feel as though the gift was not good enough, what’s important is that you express your feelings in the right way.