3 Traditional yet Creative Ways to Celebrate Dhanteras Like Never Before

Dhanteras is an important festival celebrated before Diwali. It is considered to be the most auspicious occasion to buy something new for the home. So if you have been planning to buy a car, refrigerator, or anything else, it is considered to be the perfect day to welcome it at home. However, this is not the only way this day is celebrated. People also buy special Dhanteras gifts for their loved ones. They even spend time decorating their house. All in all, it can be a busy day. And this is just one way to celebrate it.

Dhanteras gift

Here are 3 traditional yet creative ways in which you can celebrate Dhanteras:

1. Spend time at an NGO

Since this is the day that you will be decorating your house, making it look more beautiful, you can also take some time out to visit an NGO and do the same there. You can visit an orphanage, old-age home, animal shelter, or any other NGO near your place or one you would like to visit and help decorate it. Spend time with the people there (or animals, in case of an animal shelter) and spread the joy of Dhanteras and Diwali there. You can even take some sweets there to celebrate the day with them.

2. Buy Gifts for your Loved One

Dhanteras is not a festival where you buy something only for yourself or your family. You can even buy gifts for your loved ones. For that, you can go to the market the buy Dhanteras gifts which you think your loved ones will like, or you can also browse through online stores to check out Dhanteras gifts there.

3. Share Sweets amongst the less privileged

Another thing you can do to celebrate this auspicious day is buying sweets and share it amongst the less privileged. You can also share it with people who work for you, including the housemaids, helpers, watchman, newspaper vendor, etc. They would be glad to receive sweets from you. It’s a gesture that you care of them as well as your family. With these 3 traditional yet creative ways of celebrating Dhanteras, not only will you be sharing happiness with your family members, but also with those around you. Overall, everyone around you will be happy.