3 Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around The World

If your preparations for Valentine’s Day are not done yet, you need some catching up to do, and that too real fast. Valentine’s Day is here, no point in saying it is almost here. People all around the world are all-set to spend their Valentine’s Day with their partners. And the interesting thing about Valentine’s Day is that each country has a different way of celebrating this day of love; each country pays respect to St. Valentine in different ways. Instead of celebrating it traditional way, why not celebrate it a bit differently this time (you are late anyway to celebrate it traditionally)?! Let’s look at how some countries celebrate the Valentine’s Day:

1. Japan


Usually it is the man who spends big and spoils his lady love with expensive Valentine’s Day gifts. However, in Japan, the gender roles are reversed. It is the woman who does most of the spending. In addition, White Day is also celebrated in Japan on March 14 every year where men try to reciprocate for the gifts that their partner gave them a month before, on Valentine’s Day.

2. Denmark


Valentine’s Day has gained popularity in Denmark only recently, and Danes (Danish people) have already found their special unique way to celebrate this day of Love. Every year on 14th February, instead of giving their partner roses, they give their partner white pressed flowers, also called as Snowdrops, along with a Valentine’s Day card.

Another tradition that Denmark has is called ‘gaekkebrev’. Gaekkebrev is a funny rhyme or a small poem written on an intricately cut paper, and it is sent anonymously. Further, if the receiver is able to correctly guess who sent it, they get the promise of an Easter egg later that year.

3. Ghana


One of the largest exporters of cocoa in the world is Ghana. So, it is only natural for the Ghanaians to give chocolate to their partner. In fact, Valentine’s Day is now called National Chocolate Day in Ghana. But you must be asking, how is this tradition any different from how we celebrate it? Although the way is similar to how we do it, the Ghanaians also have chocolate themed meals in restaurants, and even visit museum exhibits to give each other chocolate.

February 14 is more than just a day to go on a date and exchange gifts. It is a day that celebrates the love and bond two people share.

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