3 Ways to Personalize your Gift Box with Chocolaty Treats

You will rarely find a person who says no to a chocolate. Chocolates are universally loved, for very obvious reasons. The rich chocolaty taste that melts in the mouth is an unexplainable experience. You just close your eyes and the heavenly taste of chocolates often takes you on a mini journey of your own. This is the reason why chocolates are also perfect as gift, regardless of how small or big the occasion is – or even what the occasion is. However, if buying just chocolates feels awkward, for a change you can personalize it. Yes, customize the chocolates and make it even more special for the recipient.


How can you customize a chocolate? Here’s how:

1. With the Name

Like every bar or a small part of chocolate has the brand’s name on it, you can have your loved one’s name written on it. Everyone loves their name. So who wouldn’t like to have his/her own name on the chocolate?! It could be one of the perfect gifts which you can give to someone.

2. With a Design

If you feel like the chocolate needs something more than just a name written on it, you might want to consider a nice little design along with the name. It could be the person’s favorite animal, or even his/her own pet, or maybe a design that that person loves. This is a gift which may look small, having almost no value. But this will be one of the most special gifts a person will ever receive. And coming from you, their loved one, the importance of the gift will be manifold.

3. With a Message

If you do not want to go with person’s name or a design, then a message from you might be a good idea. Of course, the chocolate will not have the space if you want an essay to be written on it. But perhaps a small quote from his/her favorite author, or just some kind words of affection from your side will make your loved one feel special. This will be a gift your loved one will cherish, although he/she may eat the whole thing in no time. Nevertheless, it is the gesture and the feeling that counts.

If you want to break the monotony of going for traditional gifts and wish to make your loved one’s day special, then consider buying personalized chocolates for him/her. If you have not done it before, just give it a try and see the reaction on your loved one’s face. To add to the surprise you can buy your gift online and get it delivered to their workplace or at their home, whatever suits you.

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