3 Ways You Can Personalize a Cake to make it Special for Your Girlfriend

A person’s birthday is one of the days in a year that they are always excited about. It is a day they want to celebrate the most. This is why people plan a surprise parties for the person celebrating their birthday. They try their best to make the day special and memorable for their loved one. And when that loved one is your girlfriend, you have to put in some extra effort than you otherwise to make sure that she has the best birthday. Before you start planning a grand birthday party, there is one thing that you need the most: a birthday cake. All birthday celebrations are dull with a cake. The birthday cake is the most important part of a birthday party and you need it to be perfect. And choosing the perfect birthday cake for girlfriend is not something you can do by merely visiting a bakery or checking one online and choose the first cake that’s suits your fancy. No. It requires deliberation. One type of cake that you can choose for her birthday is a personalized cake. But, what matters most in this case is how you personalize the cake.

Birthday Cake with Photo

To help you out in that, here are 3 ways in which you can personalize a cake to make it special for your girlfriend:

1. With a Quotation She Loves

Every single person has a philosophy they live their life by. It is fundamental to their personality. And that philosophy is built on a quotation that they heard early in their life became a life lesson that they still hold on to. They have a special memory attached to this quotation. You can have that quotation written on the cake. This will show her how much she means to means to you and how much you love her. And seeing the quotation on the cake will bring a wide smile on her face. That cake will either be the best birthday cake they have ever had or it will be one of the best birthday cakes. Nevertheless, she will have tears of joy in their eyes seeing the cake. That birthday celebration will be a memory she will remember forever.

2. With a Photo

One of the best ways to personalize a cake is by imprinting a photo on it. Now the tough part here is choosing which photo you should choose for the cake. Ideally, people tend to go for an old photo that their loved one cherishes. For your girlfriend, you can pick a more recent memory. It could be the day you both first met, or the most memorable date you have had, or a special photo of you both you both adore, or anything else. Either of the photos on the cake will bring a wide smile on her face. And you can be sure that she will hug you tightly just by seeing this lovely cake. The celebration will turn into a slightly nostalgic and tearful celebration with a birthday cake with the photo. Nevertheless, it will be filled with happiness and bliss. Here, you have to be very sure of the photo you are choosing. Only then will the cake be perfect.

3. With a Theme Cake

You can also buy your girlfriend a theme cake. In a theme cake, you do not personalize a part of the cake, but the whole cake is personalized on your demand. And you can personalize the cake in any way you want. It can be in the shape of a camera, guitar, keyboard or anything else. It could be anything she absolutely loves and cannot live without. This might be slightly on the higher end of your budget, but you can be sure that she will absolutely fall in love with the cake at first sight. It will be a cake which she, in no way, ever expected. Theme cake is often a surprise that no one expects and it is one of the best cakes you can give to your girlfriend to make her birthday special.

With any of the aforementioned cakes, you can be assured that your girlfriend will fall in love with all over again and her love for you will increase multiple times. So choose the right cake for her.

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