4 Amazing Gifts to Celebrate Independence Day with Friends

Independence Day is an important day for every Indian. It is the day when we got freedom from the British dominion. This is why we fly kites on this day as it symbolizes freedom. But flying kites cannot be the only way to celebrate the day. One of the ways to celebrate the day could be by showering your love on your friends in the form of gifts. And here are 4 amazing gifting ideas to celebrate the Independence Day with friends:

1. Happy Independence Day Mug

Happy Independence Day Mug

If you want to give a gift to your friend and also show how proud you are of being an Indian, then the perfect gift would be this “Happy Independence Day” mug. The mug has the tricolor of the Indian flag with “Happy Independence Day” beautifully imprinted on it. This will be a gift that your friend will cherish for a long time from the moment they get it. This will make the Independence Day celebration memorable for you as well as your friend.

2. Chocolate Paan Cake

Chocolate Paan Cake

Another way to celebrate the day is with a cake, and a flavor that is distinctive to India. And task can be done by this scrumptious chocolate paan cake. Besides the richness of chocolate, it has gulkand, saffron and thandai, everything that makes the taste of paan so delicious. And now you have a cake which blends two of the best flavors in one to take your taste buds on a transcendental journey.

3. Indian Flag Themed Cake

Indian Flag Themed Cake

And if you are celebrating this special day with a cake, why not celebrate it with a cake that has the Indian flag imprinted on it. This Independence Day cake will be perfect if you want to celebrate the day like this. Furthermore, you can even personalize the cake with a patriotic photo of your own choice. Now you have all the more reasons to celebrate the day with this special cake.

4. Noble Orchids

Noble Orchids

However, if you do not want to do anything grand and want to keep it simple, yet meaningful, this bouquet of blue orchids would be the perfect gift for the occasion. Blue orchids would make for a nice gift to your friend as well. So, instead of celebrating the Independence Day the traditional way, take some of the Independence Day gift ideas mentioned here, and make the day extra special for you and your best friend.