4 Things You Didn’t Know About V-Day

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is the day of love. However, what is not so known is why we celebrate it, and how it has come to become a day which holds so much importance. As it turns out, Valentine’s Day has its own set of trivia, facts and rumors which you may or may not have heard. There are several theories about the day.

Valentine Gift

Some claim them to be true, and some don’t. But what are these theories:

1. It Started as a Form of Rebellion

One of the most popular theories about Valentine’s Day is that it started as a form of rebellion. In ancient Rome, King Claudius II did not want men to marry during the wartime. Rome at that time was constantly in war with neighboring kingdoms. King Claudius II wanted as many men as possible on the battlefield, so that he could defend the kingdom. However, St. Valentine went against his king’s command and married people in secret.

2. Juliet Still Receives Love Letters

One would think Juliet is a fictional character written by the playwright William Shakespeare; however, Juliet is still alive in the hearts of many, even after five centuries. The famous play Romeo and Juliet is originally set in Verona, Italy. More than 1000 letters are sent to Juliet every Valentine’s Day in the city.

3. Valentine’s Day started in Ancient Rome

Red rose is the first thing someone thinks of while buying a Valentine’s Day gifts. For several centuries red rose has been a symbol of love. Although red rose and Valentine’s Day are two different topics, but they are often seen in tandem because of the similar theme: Love. The tradition of giving a rose on the Valentine’s Day can be traced back to the ancient Rome. Red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love.

4. Henry VIII is the reason we Celebrate Valentine’s Day

King Henry VIII married six women in his lifetime. He was a big fan of romance. In 1537, King Henry VIII made it official by Royal Charter that 14th February would be a public holiday and would be celebrated as the Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day has more to it than it shows. Nevertheless, all theories, true or not, point to the fact that Valentine’s Day is a day which celebrates love. So, go out with your partner this Valentine’s Day and make the most of it.

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