5 Amazing Ways in which you can Celebrate Birthday

As we grow up, celebrating Birthdays get restricted to going out in a fancy restaurant for dinner with family or having a fun party with friends. Well, there are a lot of ways in which you can celebrate this special day. Be a little unconventional and open your mind. There are ample options available to us than just dancing and eating. And, here are five of those!


1. Flowers and Balloons all around

We know that gifting flowers and balloons on a birthday are conventional ways to celebrate someone’s birth anniversary but what we are suggesting will blow their minds off. Decorate their room with a lots of flying balloons and lots and lots of flowers. The look that they will have after watching the surprise is priceless.

2. A Birthday Picnic Basket

Enjoying the nature with friends and family while having a picnic, is a great way to celebrate a birthday. Everyone can bring the favourite dish of the birthday girl or boy and play some fun games. Become a child again and relive those amazing childhood memories.

3. Birthday City Tour

Why wait in the queue to eat at one place when you can do that at different places while getting to know more about your city. Book a minivan and hop on it with your pals. Listen to some music and paint the entire city with your colours. You can choose your favourite place to cut the cake. It would be one epic thing!

4. Gifts all around

Everybody loves to receive gifts on their Birthday and yes, we know that it isn’t something new but hey, it never gets old! Pamper your loved ones with lots of gifts. Buy them everything that they adore!

5. A Movie Marathon

Puff those couches, microwave those popcorns, dim the lights and get the pile of your favourite movies. Enjoy this birthday with your friends while watching your favourite movies. Not only would you be surrounded by your close people but since you would be at your home, you could do all the crazy fun things!

Have Fun and Happy Birthday!

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