5 Cakes Perfect for Mother’s Day Celebration

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln

We owe a lot to our mothers. Unconditional love, care and affection from mothers make our life easy and worthwhile. She never takes a day off, every day and every second she thinks about us and tries her best to create a place filled with love and care for us. It is our responsibility that we too express our gratitude to her in any form possible. One of the best ways to express our love and care is to send her delicious cakes on a special day like Mother‘s Day.

However, when it comes to choosing something to gift to someone as special as our mother, we all remain confused and spend lot of time searching for the best gift. A wholesome treat of scrumptious cake can be an ideal option in this case. In order to help you choose the best cake for your mom, here is a mention of 5 delicious yet unique cakes:

1. Heart shaped cake

These cakes are the best to express your love to the one you owe your existence to. These come in many flavors and hence you can choose the one which is your mom’s favorite. For instance, if your mom likes chocolate, you can get a chocolate heart shaped cake or if your mom likes fruits, you can go for heart shaped fruit cake and so on. Also, you can write a special message on it to make it extra special for your mom.

Heart Shaped Cake

2. Half and half cake

This cake is known for its flavors, it has two different flavors in just one cake. You can go for a nicely designed cake with two yummy flavors; one can be of your mother’s choice, while other can be your favorite. Get the best of both worlds for your mom!

Half n Half Cake

3. Personalized cake

These cakes come with the personal touch and are the best way to express your love and gratitude to your mom. You can choose a beautiful pic of your mom to top this cake and make it look amazing yet delicious.

Photo Cake

4. Themed cake

Based on your mom’s likes, dislikes as well as hobbies you can choose themed cakes. There are various realistically designed themed cakes available in the market these days and you can go with these cakes to make your mom feel on the ninth cloud this Mother’s Day.

Theme Cake

5. Tiered designer cake

Huge, attractive as well as a delicious tiered designer cake will surely bring a priceless smile on your mother’s face. When you wish to have a grand Mother’s Day celebration, you can go for tiered cakes.


You can choose any cake you wish but do try your best to make Mother’s Day special for your mom. You can also make it a surprise for your mom, by sending a cake to her. There are many companies that offer service of online cake delivery in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and other cities. You can order and get your cake delivered anywhere you want.

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