5 Cakes to Get for the Birthday of your 5-year-old Child

As soon your kids turn 5, and it’s their 5th birthday celebration, their idea and wishes for their birthday celebration, cake and gifts change significantly. Gifts are still manageable but 5th birthday cake has to be really special. As a parent, the selection of the 5th birthday cake can be quite confusing. Not only should the cake grab the attention of the guests but also please your kid and meet his or her expectations.

To help you make your kid feel delighted and special on their 5th birthday, here is a list of some awe-striking as well as yummy cakes for 5th Birthday of your child:

1. Photo Cakes

Photo cakes

These cakes are beyond imagination of kids and hence instantly amaze them as they see their own photograph on the top of a creamy cake. Also, such cakes make the kids fall in love with you (parents) while making the guests drool and craving for more. Everyone attending the party will surely wait eagerly to indulge in this yummy dessert. You can surely go with the cake of your kid’s favorite flavor and add the personal touch to it.

2. Mickey Mouse Themed Cake

Mickey mouse themed cake

For your mickey fan son or daughter, this is the perfect cake. This will make the birthday special as well as memorable for years to come. Not only your kid but also his or her friends attending the celebration will go crazy for this amazing cake.

3. Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake

This colorful cake is surely going to make the kids happy. Not only the appearance is appealing but also the flavor of this cake is a delight to savor. Just like a rainbow, the cake has a mix of amazing colors which makes it look tempting.

4. Ludo-Themed Cake

Ludo-themed cake

A perfect cake to recall the summer vacations when your kids played Ludo and had fun. This cake looks exactly like the classic Ludo game and might even confuse your kid initially which will be fun. You can surely turn the birthday into a special day with this uniquely designed themed cake.

5. Fruit Cake

Fruit cake

Kids love fruits. This is one of the healthiest cakes with a layer of fruits on top of mildly sweet, vanilla cream. Also, the colorful appearance of this cake is extremely pleasing and instantly grabs the attention.

You can also order some personalized gifts along with the cake to make your kid feel more special. After all, it’s their 5th birthday, it has to be special!

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