5 DIY Christmas Treats for your Friends and Family

Christmas is all about celebrating the selfless love of God by exchanging Gifts and warmth. What can serve the purpose better than some homemade sweet treat? Homemade sweets contain fondness in every nook of them. They are a sweet mixture of best wishes and long hugs. If you are also planning to make this year’s Christmas sweets by yourself, take a look at these amazing DIY treats! 1. Peppermint Truffle Balls 1 Peppermint is the flavour of Christmas. But don’t be scared, the way to make these lovely balls is not as fancy as the name sounds. All you need are 4 basic ingredients and your work is done. Pack these truffle balls in clear sheets and tie the edges with golden thread. Your work is done! 2. Homemade Christmas Tree 2 We all decorate Christmas Tree for the festival but have you ever thought of making one by yourself that you and your friends can even eat? With some strawberries, cookies, chocolates and food colouring, you can create mini Christmas trees for this season! 3. Marshmallow Christmas Pops 3 Christmas is incomplete without marshmallows. This time, let’s make them look a little fancier but without spending hours on it. Just take a few marshmallows and put them on sticks. Cover them up in chocolate and drizzle christmas coloured white chocolate on them. Your pops are ready to be sent to your friends. 4. Chocolate Candy Spoons 4 As kids, we all loved taking our spoons to dig into the Nutella jar. On this Christmas, make your friends revisit their childhood memories. Surprise them with these cute chocolate candy spoons. You can be as creative as you want to be while decorating these little utensils of sweetness. 5. Hot Cocoa Ornaments 5 This is one of the prettiest and tastiest things that you can surprise a friend with. Take transparent ornament balls and layer them with different things. Add readymade hot chocolate mix to the ball and top it up with sprinklers, mini marshmallows and some chocolate chips. These pretty ornaments can make you famous amongst the kids as well. Christmas means to spread hope, positivity and cheers all around you. Make someone believe in the true spirit of Christmas with these amazing Handmade gifts! Merry Christmas to all!