5 DIY ways to wrap your flowers

Flowers are naturally beautiful. Their vibrant colours and fragrance make them perfect to be used as gifts. Although in their natural space, flowers look stunning but, when they are sent as gifts, they need a little human touch. Try these DIY flower wrappings to make your flower bunches look the prettiest.

1. The pearl touch


Give your flowers a regal touch by enveloping them in pearls. It will give the a richer look. Just tie together the stems of your preferred flowers with a thread and then encircle them with the string of pearls.

2. Tie with thread


The jute thread work gives flowers a more raw and natural look. Create your own thread basket to make your flowers seem close to their natural habitat. For this, take a small pot and using an adhesive, tie thick jute thread around it. Let it dry and then put flowers in it.

3. Mason Fun


Mason jars are extremely versatile. You can serve things in them and then, later on, use them for some crazy DIYs. If you have long stemmed flowers, you can put them in a mason jar. Decorate the jar as you want to. You can stick some decorations on it or maybe paint what your heart feels like.

4. Today’s Headline


Give your flowers some old school touch. Don’t discard old newspaper but use them to wrap your flowers. You can also be as quirky as you want with the newspaper. You can gather different news to send your message along with the flowers.

5. Lace it up


Make your flowers look classy and elegant by wrapping them up in pretty laces. You can choose a background of your choice and then put a pretty lace patch on it. Nothing can beat the beauty of flowers wrapped in lace cones

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