5 Fun Facts About Carnations

Carnations are one of the most gorgeous and elegant flowers. With a multitude of vibrant colors and an air of soothing relaxation exuded by their fragrant aroma, a carnation is always a joy to be enamored by.

Historical Significances of Carnations

Scientifically known as Dianthus Caryophyllus, a carnation has been popular throughout the annals of history. Derived from the word “incarnation”, they were revered as the flowers of the Gods by multiple ancient civilizations.


It has been noted that ancient Greeks had used these flowers as ceremonial crowns to adorn on the foreheads of their rulers.

The trend of being adorned by a floral wreath of carnations has passed on till this day. From proposing to a beloved, to celebrating a joyous festivity, these gorgeous flowers cater to the delight of all.

Colors of a Carnation

As vibrant as they are majestic, carnations cater to the joy of all through their colors and fragrance. From red, to pink, to white, the colors of carnations are truly spectacular.

Here are some carnation colors and their associated meanings –

  • Red –Love and passion
  • Yellow –Cheerfulness and delight
  • Pink –Thankfulness and joy
  • White –Purity and luck

5 Fun and Amazing Facts About Carnations that You may not Have Known

Carnations are loaded with meanings and deep underlying significances. Every variety pertains to a specific color of carnation.

Here are 5 of the most unique and intriguing facts about carnations –

  • Carnations can be Eaten

Carnations are devoid of any traces of poison, making them perfectly edible. From mashing the petals into a paste and spreading them on a dessert, to eating them raw, they are surprisingly great to taste. Packed with the sweet and spicy taste reminiscent of cloves, carnations are great for garnishing, seasoning, or just being eaten raw.

  • Interchangeable Colors

Carnations come in a variety of colors. From Red, yellow, white.. they are the colors that we know and love. These colors can however be changed through a three step process simple process.

1. Pour color into a glass of water

2. Dip the flower into it and wait for a few minutes

3. Take out the flower and let it dry

The flower will take the color of the colored water that it was dipped into.

  • Extended Longevity

Unlike many flowers, carnations can live up to 2 years or more. They are known to remain fresh even when they have been removed from the ground after 14 days.

  • Medicinal Properties

Carnations are known to treat multiple medical ailments, both mental and physical. From treating stomach rashes, to relieving stress, a carnation is one of the best natural medicine plants.

  • Currencies

Due to their availability in variety of colors, carnations were used as currencies by florist traders in ancient times.

Whether it is a carnation bouquet or a tapestry of carnations, through online flowers delivery system they are always a delight.

As they say “Carnations are the sunshine, food and medicine to the soul”.

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