5 Games to Bring Your Childhood Memories Back

The language of children is made universal. This is the main reason why several childhood games that come from unknown origins become popular all over the world irrespective of culture, nationality, language, and religion. Even though the kids in this generation are playing online video games on smartphones, computers, and tablets, still, the old outdoor games have survived many years and decades. 

These outdoor games will bring the children together, spend their playtime effectively and it is a kind of physical exercise. No matter what is your age right now, whenever you are seeing the children who are all playing those outdoor games, you will go back to your happy childhood days. 

1. Hide and Seek

The worldwide game that can be easily played by a group of children is hide and seek and it is one of the interesting games that is played by everyone in the world. The rules of the game are very simple. The catcher of the game should close their eyes and count to a predetermined number. During the counting, the remaining children should hide from the catcher. Once the counting is over, the catcher should ask whether the fellow players are ready or not and mention that they are coming. The catcher child has to search for other kids. The child who is found first will be the next seeker and the last one will be the winner of the game. In other versions of the game, the hiding children can run to a place called the home base and they safeguard themselves from the seeker by touching the walls or a predetermined object in the space.

Hide and Seek game

2. Musical Chairs

Another fun game to play with a group of friends is the musical chair games. To play this game, you have to collect the chairs from your surroundings. The chair count should be one fewer than the number of players in the game. Arrange the chairs in the circle form facing outward. 

When the music plays, the children have to walk around the chairs. And once it stops, they have to sit down to the nearest chair as fast as possible. And the one player who is standing up without any chairs is out. During the start of the second round, another chair from the circle has to be removed and the game is continued like this every time. The game will conclude by having one chair and two players. The player who sits in the last chair is the winner.

musical chair game : MyFlowerTree

3. Tug of war

The one game will never get bored of is a tug of war. The tug of wars is one of the fun-filled games that can be played outdoors. If you have more player count, you can get the fun to the extreme level. Before you begin to play the game, the player has to divide into two teams. One team of children has to hold the one end of the long rope and the other team has to hold another end of the rope and a line is marked on the ground between the two teams. 

Once the players have heard the whistle, the children are allowed to push the ropes. The one team that manages and drags the opposite team over the marked lines is the winner of the game. This tug of war is checking the strength of the children.

Tug of war game

4. Truth or Dare

The truth or dare game will keep children from entering into the world of entertainment. Each player has to select either truth or dare. If the player has chosen the truth, he/she will be questioned and they have to tell the truth only and when the player is selecting the dare, he/she will be challenged to undertake a certain action.

Truth or Dare games

5. Telephone

In the telephone game, the children have to sit either in a row or in a circle. If they sit in the form of a circle, it is well and good. The first child will whisper a lengthy sentence to the child who is sitting next to them. 

And the game goes on like this until the lengthy sentence reaches the last child in the circle. The last child is the one who has to shout out the sentences in a loud voice. The amusement of the sentences that are generated by this game is based on the misunderstanding. Most of the time, the first sentence whispered is very different from the last one shouted and the result might be hilarious.
children playing telephone game

Final Thoughts 

Apart from this, several games are also available which will bring back to your childhood days. You have to thank your friends who all played with you in childhood and make it a memorable one. It is time to send some online gifts and surprise them. Make use of MyFlowerTree and thank your friends by surprise gifts who make your childhood a memorable one. 

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