5 Gifting Ideas for Gemini

A curious mind, seeker of knowledge and everyone’s friend, Gemini, born between 21st May to 20th June, is one represented by the twins. Four personalities adjusted in one body, a Gemini mind is often caught up in duality. They can hate and love simultaneously and this side of their nature usually gives them a difficult time when it comes to understanding their true feelings.

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They have a very changeable nature which makes them a good friend. They give due respect to other’s opinions and are good listeners. They are very insightful but they can wander very easily. They are social butterflies and love to share their things with their friends.

Since this is the birth month of the Gemini, we have a list of things that they won’t be able to resist as a birthday gift. (Gifting them is fairly easy, though.)

1. Jewellery
Geminis love to socialize and their calendar is always full of party invitations. They love to dress up for such events and are brave enough to carry even the bold jewellery with ease and grace. So, some chunky jewellery would be great for them.

2. Kindles
Geminis are knowledge seekers. They love to travel and read. So, what better way could be to mix the two other than a Kindle? They can store all their books at one place while having easy access to them while on the go.

3. Flowers
Lavender is the birth flower of the Gemini. It is grand and signifies creativity. People who love Lavender are very expressive. So, this flower will suit the personality of this Twin sign of the Zodiac just about fine.

4. Chocolates
Geminis are complete people’s people. They love to share their things with their friends. If you want to gift them chocolate for their birthday, buy a bar that could be divided easily or a box of chocolate like Ferrero Rocher so that they can enjoy that with their friends.

5. Gardening Tools
They love everything beautiful, especially if it is related to nature. Give them some Gardening tools or a potted plant so that they can take their love for nature to a different level.

Making a Gemini happy is pretty easy. They love everything. Buy them something straight from the heart and just make sure that you wrap it up in the best and the most beautiful wrapping paper.

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