5 Gifts for Your Cancerian Friend

Let us start with getting acquainted with a Cancerian. Some of the most creative and imaginative people in the world have one thing in common – they are all been born under the zodiac sign- Cancer (June 22 to July 22).  

Cancer zodiacal Sign

Traits of a Cancerian

Liz Green, one of the foremost astrologers commented on Cancerians, she said that “Subtlety is one of the chief qualities of Cancer”. In addition to being endlessly loyal and faithful, Cancerians are noted to be highly creative and imaginative, making them the perfect friends to be with.

Here are some traits commonly associated with Cancerians –


Having an innate knack for reading people, and discerning all the positive and negative attributes of a person, Cancerians are natural mind readers.


– Gentle and passionate at the same time, a Cancerian’s passion is second to none.


People born under the star of Cancer are known to be surrounded by an aura of mystery and grace.


They say that Cancerians are “calm like the ocean”. They are gentle and peaceful normally. But when provoked, they retaliate with unmatched fury, just like the ocean waves.


Whether or not there is anybody else, you can always count on a Cancerian to have your back. Loyal and faithful till the end, he or she will never leave your side.

Gifts for your Cancerian Friend

Nothing pleases a Cancerian friend more than the company of friends or family. No matter what he or she is on the surface, living life to the fullest is something that a Cancerian always yearns for.  

A Bouquet of Flowers

White flowers and roses are the flowers of a Cancerian. From being passionate about life to being drawn to an idea like a moth to a flame, or immersing themselves in the passion-filled embrace of romance, the fire of passion in a Cancerian never dims. What better flower is there than the flowers that mirror his or her passion – roses. Present a roses bouquet to your Cancerian friend and see the joy and delight on his or her face.

A Celebration of Cakes

The cake is always special for a Cancerian. Whether it is a scrumptious chocolate cake or the cream-filled yellow butterscotch cake, your Cancerian friend is guaranteed to enjoy them, no matter the occasion! Get a cake and be a part of his or her joy.

Friendship Gifts

A Cancerian is known to be loyal and faithful, always standing by your side and supporting you. What better way to repay him or her than by some gifts? A friendship band studded with beautiful gemstones for instance, or a beautiful pendant bearing both you and your friend’s names, no matter what, a Cancerian friend is sure to be delighted by them. After all, the virtues of loyalty, integrity, and devotion, are always something that a Cancerian prizes the most.

Mugs and Cushions

A ceramic mug or a cushion imprinted with the photograph of a joyous moment you shared with your friend impressed upon it is something that is memorable, and beautiful.  Nostalgia and memories are two of the things a Cancerian always cherishes.

Perfumes and fragrances

They say that style and subtlety are the two things that make a Cancerian. Let your friend feel special with the best-branded perfumes, and captivate his or her senses with the fragrance. Keeping in mind that mysterious charm of your friend, anything from subtle to strong can be given.


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