5 Gifts to Gift Your Teachers on Teacher’s Day

Teachers have always left a mark on our lives. Who can forget the guidance and teachings they delivered? Always holding a special place in our hearts, it is only through the tutelage of our teachers that we have grown and thrived.

Whether it is imparting important lessons of life that have always been held true by us till this day, or helping us achieve our dreams and ambitions, he or she has been by our side.

A special once in a year day is held in reverence to this person. From school children holding an event in honor of their teachers, to grown professionals paying their homage to this special person, this day is always marked with reverence.

The Origin of Teacher’s Day Celebration

In our society, teachers are held in one of the highest regard. Every year on 5th September, a special celebration is held to revere them.

This special day also marks the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the 2nd president of India. Being a great teacher himself and a staunch supporter of the Indian education system, the celebration of all teachers in our nation on the day of his birthday was suggested by him.

And thus the origin of Teacher’s Day celebration bore fruit.

Teacher’s Day

Throughout this great country, teachers are celebrated by students and non-students alike. Gifts are presented to them in their honor, as an air of joy and happiness is reciprocated all over. One can literally feel the joy and delight as the whole nation rises up in celebration of this grand day.

Gifts for Teacher’s Day

What better way to celebrate the joy of teachers than by gifting and dedicating him or her some of the most unique and special gifts. Here are some of the best gifts you can present him or her with on this wonderful day.

1. Gift Hampers

Gift hampers

Whether it is a box of sophisticated, fragrance-filled perfume bottles from internationally renowned brands such as Christine Dior, Gucci, Armani etc, or a collection of the most delicious chocolates packaged together beautifully, a gift hamper is a definite joy to any teacher who receives it on this wonderful day.

2. Books and Pens

Books and Pens

From a thrilling and exciting action packed novel, to an informative write-up on a particular subject, books are always a delight to read.

What better way to highlight the joy of a book than by the presence of a posh and sophisticated pen, manufactured by internationally renowned stationary brands such as Parker, Pierre Cardin, Mont Blanc, etc. presented alongside it? The combination of book and pen is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for any teacher to receive on Teacher’s day.

3. Gadget


Powerful, stylish, and ergonomical, a gadget is always a joy to receive. From a smartphone with a vast array of useful functionalities, to a high performance wireless Bluetooth speaker, nothing can mirror the joy of a gadget, in the hands of a teacher. Present a gadget to a teacher and see his or her delight.

4. Personalized Mugs

Personalized Mugs

Waking up early in the morning, a teacher starts his or her day by sitting on the couch and sipping coffee from a mug. What better way to make the day truly special than by seeing the sight of a memorable teacher’s day surprise printed on it, dedicated by his or her student?

From photo-printing an image of that special moment in time that you both had shared, to writing a heart-touching message on it dedicated to your teacher, a personalized cup is bound to always be treasured. What finer way to celebrate the magic of Teacher’s day than by presenting your teacher with a personalized mug?

5. Flowers and Chocolates 

Flowers and Chocolates

Flowers and chocolates are two of the finest surprises for any teacher. Whether it is a bouquet of orchids with a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls, or a basket of pink lilies presented with multiple Cadbury Dairy Milk bars, it is always special for your teacher on Teacher’s day.

Now with the advent of digital marketing, you can easily send cakes online, along with the most delicious chocolate surprises and flower bouquets. But if chocolates do not excite the taste buds of him or her, why not go for a teacher’s day gifts. The possibilities are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

Celebrating and revering a teacher is one of the most finest and the most noble things one can do.

After all “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.”

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