5 Lips- Smacking Cakes to Highlight Any Occasion

You may have this wrong notion that eggless=tasteless. But that cannot be further from the truth. In fact, they are as relishing and savory as their “with egg” versions. But how is that even possible? Well, you see, ¼ cup of unsweetened applesauce actually replicates the properties of a single egg perfectly.  So when it comes to cakes, this is a sure-shot way to get rid of the egg while still ensuring the fluffiness, texture, and taste of a cake.

5 Eggless Cakes that are Ever-so-Savory and Delectable

When it comes to enjoying the great and sweet taste of a cake without the egg, eggless cakes are the way to go. Here are 5 eggless cakes that can be considered to be the most delectable out of them –

1. Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet cake

Red is not just the color of love and desire. It is also the color of a delicious cake (that too eggless)!

2. Black Forest Cake

Black Forest cake

The combination of chocolate and vanilla makes a delicious cake. But can it be eggless too? It certainly can be, and it most certainly is.

3. Butterscotch Cake

Butterscotch cake

Butterscotch essence is not just crunchy, it is also sweet and delicious. So, coat it on the creamy exterior of a cake and make it eggless, and you get a delicious eggless butterscotch-flavored cake.

4. Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake

The sight of a rainbow is always beautiful and majestic. Dazzling all with 7 vibrant colors- violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, it is something that transfixes all. Oh, and it can be easily obtained in a cake, an eggless cake for that matter.

5. Pineapple Cake

Pineapple cake

Is pineapple your favorite fruit? I don’t know if it is, but it certainly is ever so delicious, relishing and even eggless. Best of all, it is completely healthy, rich in essential body nutrients, and eggless.

Getting an Eggless Cake

Whether it is an eggless birthday cake or an eggless cake for some other occasion, it can be easily obtained through online cake delivery. Through this, you can actually choose the cake characteristics yourself. Options such as choice of flavor; eggless, sugarless, or regular; and personalized icing (photo, message, etc.) can be readily chosen. There are so many options that one cannot possibly fit them all here. So, why not check them out for yourself? It will be an adventure!

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