5 Mouthwatering Traditional Janmashtami Treats

Janmasthami – the day on which Lord Krishna, the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born will always be a special day. Celebrated every year, people from all over rise up and reciprocate the joy of the coming of Lord Krishna into our world. Janmasthami gifts are exchanged and sweets are shared, as passages from the Shlokas, in the Bhagwad Gita, revering the life of Lord Krishna, are recited. Get enamored and captivated by this glorious celebration as people all over the country, and even some places abroad rise up to celebration this grand occasion. Krishna jayanthi sweets and treats form an integral part in this joyous occasion. Whether partaking in a grand Janmasthami feast held in Lord Krishna’s honor, or exchanging them with friends and family, they are undoubtedly one of the highlights of this auspicious day.

Mouthwatering Traditional Janmasthami Treats

The celebration of this glorious day cannot be complete without the finest Janmasthami treats. Here are some of those tasty traditional treats on janmasthami –

1. Gopalkala

Gopalkala Mouthwatering and nutritious in equal measure, Gopalkana is undoubtedly one of the finest Janmasthami treats to savor. A beautiful combination of beaten rice, curd, cucumber, coconut, and ghee, blended together perfectly, this sweet tasting joy is as splendid to look at, as it is to taste.

2. Shrikhand Puri

Shrikhand Puri Who can resist the elegant combination of Skhrikhand and Puri? Made with both Skhrikhand and Puri, these two are undoubtedly one of the finest Janmasthami treats to savor. Comprising of crushed almonds, and a combination of saffron, cardamom, and granulated sugar crystals, dipped in strained yogurt, Shrikhand, by itself, is a mouthwatering dessert to cherish. What better accompaniment is there for this fine dessert than a plate of piping hot puris? With both Shrikhand and Puri presented side-by-side, Shrikhand Puri is truly a culinary masterpiece to cherish on this grand day.

3. Basundi

Basundi With a dash of almonds, pistachios, and other assorted dry fruits, infused in a cup of condensed milk, Basundi is always fantastic to drink. Experience the sweetness of condensed milk and the crunchilicious goodness of nuts and dried fruits rolling in your tongue, as you imbibe a cup of Basundi.

4. Makkhan Misri

Makkhan Misri According to legend, Lord Krishna was a lover of butter. What better way to mirror his fondness for butter than this exquisite sweet tasting buttery dessert? Freshly made with cream, curd, sugar, and crushed almonds, this is one of the finest deserts to savor. Celebrate Janmasthami day with a beautiful earthen pot of Makkan Misri.

5. Badam Phirni

Badam Phirni With a blend of almonds, saffron, and green cardamom  immersed in a cup of sweet tasting condensed milk, Badam Phirni is an absolute delight for the taste buds. Garnished with some pistachios on top, this is definitely a treat that one must never miss out on. Accompanied by some special Janmashtami gifts, nothing is better to give, or receive than Janmasthami specials. Auspicious and delicious, celebrate the eve of Janmasthami with these special and elegant treats. As always, the celebration of this great day is never complete if does not follow the moral code of Lord Krishna. As Lord Krishna once said “Abandon all attachment to the results of action and attain supreme peace”