5 Promises You Should Make To Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an important day of the year for every couple. It is the day they express their love for each other without holding back by buying the best Valentine’s Day gift online for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, and making the biggest gesture of love they can. Now being in a relationship is not an easy thing and you often get into fights. And you get into fights, mistakes are made. Valentine’s Day is also the perfect day to make up for your mistakes and make promises to be a better partner then onwards.

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If you are having a tough time deciding what promises you can make on Valentine’s Day for the mistakes on your part, here are some good suggestions:

1. I Promise to Always Listen to You

We now live in a society where we care less about whether what the other person is saying is right or wrong, but we just want to prove that right. This may work in various aspects of your life, but in a relationship this is a no-no. A relationship consists of interdependent partners and it is built on trust and love. Respect these and instead speaking all the time, listen to your partner and what they have to say. Hold back your urge and listen. They may not want an advice to it but only talk about things that have been bugging them, and you need to listen quietly. So promise to them you will always listen to them.

2. I Promise to Forgive and Forget

When two people are close, there are bound to be fights. And as mentioned above, when fights happen, so do mistakes. You need to be able to forgive and forget. Fights are part of every relationship and it is something every couple faces, and frequently. But afterward, they realize how much they love each other and forgive the partner. Instead of acting recklessly and adding oil to flame, forgive and forget. And learn too. That is how your relationship will grow.

3. I Promise to Understand your Personal Space

Although your partner may be an important part of your life and you are an important part of theirs, you are not the only part of their life. Your partner has life outside of your relationship as well. They have friends and family. And at times, they may not want to spend time with you instead be with their friends and family. As a person who loves them dearly, you need to understand their personal space, understand and respect the need. And same goes for your partner to resect and understand your personal space. So perhaps this is a promise that you both can make to each other.

4. I Promise to Always be There for You

No person lives an ideal life in which they are happy. Ups and downs, happiness and sadness, are all part of everyone’s life and these are inevitable. No person can be happy all the time or have only good things going on for them. So while good and happy times may pass like a snap of fingers, it is the bad and sad times that seem to linger. In fact, they seem longer and feel like will never end. In times like these, your partner needs you. They need all the strength they can get to be able to get through the rough patch of their life. And since you are an important part of their life, you need to be there for them especially through these hard times to give them the strength they need.

5. I Promise to Trust You

If you do not trust your partner, then the foundation of your relationship is weak. And you need to strengthen it by promising to trust your partner. Being in a relationship does not mean that they will tell you everything. At times, they may need some time with themselves and not tell you clearly about it. Instead of freaking out, you need to trust your partner. And make that promise on this Promise Day.

When you love someone, you love them for all their characteristic traits, whether you consider them good or bad. And you need to be there for them not only through promises and words but through your actions as well. Both of these have their own importance. Making these aforementioned promises will greatly help in strengthening your relationship.

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