5 Reasons Why a Dad is the Most Important Man in our Lives

Our parents care for us like we are their most prized possession. Their lives revolve around us all day, all night. But, why is it that it is only the Mother who is considered as the epitome of love and not a Father? Why does it happen that his hard work takes the back seat just because he was allotted to teach us one of the most important things, discipline?


On this Father’s Day, let’s recall all the amazing things he has done for us. Let’s thank him for his hard work that makes him the most important man in our life.

1. He went through pregnancy blues too

Yes, it is not only the Mother but the Father too. He had pregnancy blues too. He was worried all the time about how he would take care of you or whether he would be a good father or not. Moreover, he had to bear with the mood swings of your Mother as well.

2. He couldn’t sleep for nights

Neither before your arrival nor after that. He couldn’t sleep for nights. At times, out of anxiety and the other times, because he was busy taking care of you. He used to wake up every time whenever your Mother or you would cry and cringe.

3. He chose you above all

No matter how much you cried or puked on him, he always chose you above all. You became his personal life and his work, friends and parties became secondary. He wouldn’t let anything come between you and him. You became his priority.

4. He played with you after that tiring day at work

We have all made our Father act like a horse so we can ride them or an aeroplane because we wanted to fly. He even played pretend with us. He never made a complaint or said no to us even though his had a bad headache or back pain or a really busy day at work.

5. He considered your needs above his

If he had to choose between his needs and your wish, he always made you a winner. He worked hard to give you the most comfortable life and sacrificed a lot for you. Yet, when he saw you smiling, he felt happy about whatever he did for you.

This is just a small list of the basic things that a Father does for his child. What he really goes through as a parent can not be expressed in words. He has given you a lot and never made any kind of noise about the sacrifices and the compromises he had to make for you. Appreciate him with lots of gifts on this Father’s Day because he deserves it.

MyFlowertree:    Wishing you Happy Father’s Day

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