5 Reasons why Flowers are Better than Diamonds

Diamonds? Or Flowers? This debate has been going on for centuries. Let’s settle this once and for all by asserting that Flowers will always win this fight.

If you still doubt us, read how flowers are better than diamonds.

1. Flowers are not that expensive


Let’s address the elephant in the room. The difference between the price of Diamonds and Flowers is humongous. You can buy someone enough flowers to fill an entire room at the cost of the smallest solitaire.

2. They are more poetic


Flowers are poetic in nature which is why most of the love stories start and end with them. They contain so many emotions and expressions inside them that nothing else can stand against their charm.

3. They speak for themselves


Flowers speak a language of their own. Feeling romantic, knock on a loved one’s door with some beautiful Roses. Cheerful? Go for some Gerberas. One really doesn’t need to say anything else when they have flowers.

4. They make wonderful jewellery


Is there any rule that only diamonds can be used to make jewellery? Have you ever seen a bride adorned with floral jewellery? Floral jewellery is one of a kind. It looks so pure, fresh and exquisite. It definitely adds to the beauty of the one wearing it.

5. They are romantic


Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend has never looked at her smiling at the flowers given to her by a loved one. When it comes to romance, even the Kohinoor cannot beat flowers. They have a magic of their own.

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